Friday, August 27, 2010

Count Down and Out!

I can barely type!

My very fingertips are sore.

For some reason, beyond my typical reason, I ordered a wheelchair aerobics DVD from Amazon. It came the other day and I decided to try it yesterday morning. My. Oh. My. The 'warm up' ended with me 'worn down'. I quit with everything hurting. How does it come to be that stretching hurts! I didn't know that a 'head roll' could be so noisy. So this morning I got up with the intent of getting past the warm up and into some of the exercises. I made it about 10 minutes longer than yesterday and then had to stop.

This surprises me a little bit because I can push my self a fairly long way. Over the last few months I've been concentrating on asking for Joe to push me less and for me to push over carpet and up hills more. I figured it was my only exercise and I should at least try. Now I can easily push myself right from the apartment down a carpeted hallway, through two sets of doors and down to the road and be sitting waiting when the car pulls around to pick me up. This is a vast improvement. I think that's what gave me the courage to order the DVD.

But. My. Oh. My. This perky blond woman looks out at me from my computer screen and then tortures me with 'three more' ... and of course 'three more' is actually more like six or seven. Never let an aerobics instructor do your taxes! My perky instructor doesn't even break a sweat nor look like her shoulders are screaming in pain. My less than perky self, however, is grunting and groaning and forcing my arms to do what she does.

One of the nice things about getting up ridiculously early in the morning is that there is no one around to watch me punch the air, three more, two more, one more, let's do it again ... So I sit in the faint glow of the computer screen doing head rolls and shoulder rolls all so that I can roll more effectively.

My favourite part is where she talks about pulling your stomach in so that my belly button touches my spine. Um, got a yardstick dearie?

I've got to go shower and then get to the bus and hope that the drone of the engine will drown out the echo of ...

three more, two more ...


Katja said...

I had been pushing a manual for years before I started working out and lifting weights, and I had much the same experience initially - surprise that it was so hard, when I was already "in such good shape", and exhaustion!

But now after two years of working out, I really am in, if not good, then better shape, and so many things in my life are so much easier! So keep at it, and congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, Maybe you should consider making your own fitness video! Look forward to the commentary! LOL

Chris said...

Okay, you have inspired me to get back on "Ellie" the eliptical. Congratulations on your endeavour.

Belinda said...

Oh, how funny! But so good that you're doing it.

Rah for you!

Anonymous said...

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