Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Blog For A Slow Day

I get asked a lot of questions about being in a wheelchair. The most common is about my gloves. Why do I wear them? Is there something wrong with my hands too? Wouldn't things be easier if I didn't wear gloves because then I wouldn't have to take them on and off, this one is usually asked, impatiently, when I take my gloves off in a line to pay and then put them back on when I leave.

In all my borne days I would never have thought that gloves were such a conversation starter. Too, I find it interesting that people will just out and ask me questions about something that could be personal without a moments thought about intrusion into my day. No one ever, that's not ever, asked me anything about my clothing before I sat down in a wheelchair. But nonetheless, gloves seem to be a curiosity.

So for those desperately wondering. I wear gloves for the same reason you wear shoes. For transportation, for protection and for comfort. I also use them for brakes. I use them when I want to accelerate. They aren't, though fashionable, a fashion accessory.

All this is in aide of telling you, especially those who push their own chairs, about these gloves I found. I'm on my 5th or 6th pair of gloves since I started using a chair. When my last pair ran out I was in the States so we stopped at a Wallmart (sorry) and I went looking. I found these wellslamont gloves. I tried them out in the store and it was awesome. My grip on the wheel is stronger, my ability to brake is increased to the point that I can go down really steep grades. They are perfect for wheelchair use.

I bought a set in every colour. They are really durable and I think they'll last me at least several years. So bring on the hills. Bring on the long stretches. I'm set to go ...

"Hey, so why do you wear gloves?"

And odd question, don't you think, from someone wearing shoes.


D. said...

The German word for glove is Handschuh. Just so you know.

AkMom said...

Ya know, maybe it's just who I am, but to me, an able-bodied person, it's quite obvious why you wear gloves!

(holy run on sentence!!!)

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Excellent photo Dave..

...and great post too.

Like AkMom, probably wouldn't have thought twice about your gloves.

Glad you found such good ones! Funny how these things tend to 'turn up', rather than when you're really searching for them.

Take care, Susan

Sydney, Australia

AkMom said...

Oh, and should you wear through all your wellslamont gloves, give me a holler, I can set you up with however many pairs you need., WalMart has taken over my neck of the woods.

Nathan Dawthorne said...

What if you rolled in dog poop or something?? Gloves makes sense.

The Untoward Lady said...

I'm not a wheelchair user but if I were and someone asked me that question I think my answer would be "would you want to rub your hands all over the bottoms of your shoes all the time?"

Anonymous said...

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