Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breaking News

I'm sitting here crying.

Actually crying.

I just went to the Ford on Ford website and the postcard using the 'r' word is gone.


This means ... we've won.

I've not heard anything from the Smitherman camp about the postcard being removed. In fact I checked an hour ago it was still there, then just before bed I checked and it's gone.

I've said, 'Change is the only apology that matters.'

So Smitherman and his team, I accept.

I know that what they were trying to do was highlight the kind of statements that a fellow candidate has made in his career. I know that it's difficult to educate about prejudice without demonstrating it. I know all that. However some words are beyond tolerable. Slurs against an entire people belong in that category.

It is important here to acknowledge the support of Rolling Around in My Head readers. I also want to especially thank Vita Community Living Services and Special Olympics Ontario for weighing in with powerful letters of support. It takes courage to stand and be counted. You all did. These agencies did. Rah you. Rah us.

We, as disabled people, as allies of disabled people, need to continue to use our voice productively and creatively. We need to discover the power we have as a community and as a movement. People have often said that those of us with disabilities had to discover voice, I disagree, we have always had voice. It's just that others needed to discover their ears.

George Smitherman and his team discovered theirs.

And for that I am well pleased.

People are safer right now than they were only short minutes ago.

I'm still crying.


Sher said...

Well done, Brother! Sleep well!

moplans said...

awww Dave! I am smiling from ear to ear. Well done.
I love that quote and need to remember "change is the only apology that matters."

Anonymous said...

Will you ever publish the letters from Vida and SO? I'd like to read them. Would others like to to?

Lene Andersen said...

This is wonderful news! What an empowering moment.

I'm going to be grinning all weekend!

Stephanie said...

Woot! Woot! Way to go everybody - especially you Dave. Have a great night!


Steph and Christopher

Kristin said...

I am so glad to hear this. I needed a happy thought before bed.

Becca said...

Omg, I'm speechless. This is wonderful!! It feels so good to see tangible proof that we can make a difference. Thank you so much for bringing this about, Dave.

(It's morning now, and I just checked again to be sure, and yep, it's gone.) :-)

Alexandra said...

Dave, this is fabulous news! Well worth the efforts put in by all. :) I'm glad; it's a bit more substance for my upcoming post...

theknapper said...

The other day I saw that Jennifer Annistan had used the r word when she was on Regis and Kelly and had alot of criticism for doing that.
So good to hear that the collective protests are being heard and responded to.