Thursday, October 01, 2009

Today I Mourn

They pushed shit through her mail slot.

The police, alerted, did nothing.

They pissed all over her yard.

The police, alerted, did nothing.

They smashed windows, covered her house with eggs.

The police, alerted, did nothing.

Her daughter, with an intellectual disabiillty, was tormented constantly.

The police, alerted, did nothing.

Her daughter, forced by more than a dozen boys to pull her dress up, humiliate herself.

The police, alerted, did nothing.

She called.

And called.

And called again.

For over ten years.

She called into silence.

She wanted protection.

She wanted the pain to stop.

She wanted her daughter to be safe.

But the police did not come.

Everyone knew of their victimization.

Everyone of consequence.

Everyone with power to act.

Except none did.

Encouraged by lack of action.

The tormenting continued, escalated.

Then after another call, unaswered.

She drove until she found somewhere perfect.

She poured gasoline in the back seat.

She and her daughter sat in the front.

And waited to be burned alive.

It seems hell's flames.

Were preferrable to human cruelty.


She killed her daughter.

She killed herself.


Who is guilty?

Francecca and Fiona Pilkington no longer live on this earth.

Hate hate.

Hate silence.

Criminalize disphobia.


Bastet said...

oh God!! This apathy is more inhuman, more cruel than the actual acts of cruelty :(

Anonymous said...

I'm at a loss for words :( It is simply unbelievable. So tragic...

The McCurry Project said...

I am saddened... I am sorry...I am mad... Thankyou for bringing attention to this horrible act. I am hoping this can be broad cast by new and possibly give detail to these people or person that caused this. Please post if there is media coverage. I suggest contaction someone to air this story if not already aired.

Kristin said...

God how devastating. Truly a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I'm more mad than anything. It's a good thing I'm so far away from England. Any closer and I'd be buying a ticket and breakin' some laws.

And I know that's not the right reaction to this, but I can't help how angry this makes me.

Thanks for alerting us to this Dave. Hard to believe people can be so ugly and unaware in even a "civilized" country like the UK.

Don in Missouri

Anonymous said...

I think it's useful to suggest that even 'civilised' countries, have people born there who act in a 'non civilised way'.

No country is imune.

This goes on EVERY where, human beings can be awful vile creatures.

As a Brit I am deeply, deeply ashamed of my follow countrymen. And even more saddened that this is not an unusual occurrance. I know this from my everyday work.

However, the comfort I do have is that for every vile human such as the people who tormented this family, the services who let them down... the general public who collude in this, by seeing and not acting, because there were those that did just that....

...There are people who strive everyday to make this world a better place, people who will stand up for all that is good and right. People who will put themselves at risk and do what they can. These are the people who will and can change these abysmal attitudes that lead to this tragedy happening.

I think the trick is, for make sure I try hard to become one of the ones who will do that.

Every second, every minute, every day.

Anonymous said...

I think it is just as shamefull thyat it has taken the media two years to recognise the sheer awfulness of what happened to these women.

Jaymee said...

just horrible.

Anonymous said...

Words, quite literally, fail me...

...and this, this is the country where I was born, grew up, defended, and still work and live in.

May not be PC - but the whiff of vigilantism is in the air...

Brussel Sprouts Hater said...

Thankyou Dave for speaking of this tragedy so eloquently.

Tori McD said...

I hate to say this, but I would try to urge AGAINST vigilantism. That would only allow the culprits to become martyrs and how would that be fair to the ladies who passed on because of them?

Isa said...

Good God... this is so horrible. I'm sad and angry and just appalled... reading this is was like a punch to the gut. The fact that people can be so cruel is just devastating. >_>

CJ said...

I really have nothing to say beyond being horrified.