Friday, October 16, 2009

Not Quite Yet

Well it rolled in and then, a few minutes later, it rolled out again. I don't know a lot of terminology about wheelchairs so it's difficult to explain but, let me try. It seems that there are two kinds of wheel rubber: grey rubber and black rubber. The black rubber is apparently harder, is formed so less surface touches the ground and is supposed to roll faster. This may be true for others but for me it simply isn't. For me the black rubber sticks to the floor and is way harder to push and almost impossible to turn.

As soon as I saw the chair I knew I was going to have to send it back. Even so I got in and tried it and, man, it was hard to push. The guy explained to me several times that the black rubber was an easier push but when I said that I simply couldn't take a wheelchair that required increased strength to push and had barely no 'roll' he relented and took it away.

I panicked a bit but the company called and gave me some options and are working to get me a chair that will work for me. Because this isn't a crisis, because I ensured that there was time for things to go wrong, I think it'll all be ok. It's good to plan for problems even when none are seen on the horizons.

So no new chair - yet.

Having a disability has really helped me organize my mind differently. I know that systems have flaws - prepare for things, people, timing to be just a bit off. I know that everything takes way more time than anyone says - start early, stay calm. I know that relying on others isn't always easy - try to control what you can and only give over what you absolutely have too.

And it's working for now. Let's just wait and see if there is a new chair under my butt when I land in London. Anyone want to bet?


ivanova said...

That is disappointing. Sounds like it was good to plan ahead.

wendy said...

That's a drag! Adding in a good bit of time for errors was a good idea. I'm willing to bet you'll have a new chair before your trip.

Kristin said...

What a bummer. Hope the next new chair works out for you.

Anonymous said...

Wheeliecrone says -
One of the most difficult things about having a disability is the enormous increase that you get in Opportunities for Personal Growth. I, personally, get really tired of Opportunities for Personal Growth - and oh! Look! Here comes another one, just especially for you!

Belinda said...

I am grateful for the wisdom in this post that I can apply to my own life and circumstances. Preparing for things taking longer and mistakes and bumps in the road. I think it's called building in margin and it's a very good thing to do--I'm trying.