Monday, October 05, 2009

With Apologies to Those Who Actually Know What Feng Shui Is ...

So, it ate away at me. Even though we were driving through the California countryside on a beautiful day, my mind wandered from the view outside to the feelings inside. Part of me was worried that I would be changed from my experience of hurt. Part of me was worried that I wouldn't be. Odd as that may sound.

Joe said, knowing what was going on, 'Why don't you do something about it.'

Frustrated, I said, 'Like what?' And I meant it. I think that was part of what was really bothering me, I didn't know how to make it all better. I didn't know what to say, what to do, or how to affect any change at all. The incident was over. The 'perp' was far away in another city. The world went on as the way it was, the world would continue on as the world always does. There was nothing, absolutely nothing that I could do.

"Feng Shui," Joe said.

"What?" I said.

"I don't really know what Feng Shui is, but I think it's about changing the energy. Like moving a bit a furnature can make the energy flow better.'

Joe often says things that are a bit incomprehensible but this was going a bit far. 'You want me to move some furnature?'

'Yeah,' he said, 'do something really really nice for someone who doesn't expect it, maybe doesn't even deserve it. There's bad in the world, so counteract it by doing something unexpectedly good.'

It seemed like a lame-assed suggestion but I thought for about fifteen minutes and then spent a half an hour arranging something really nice to happen for someone who certainly wouldn't expect it. Someone that has need of something good to happen. Someone who would be totally, totally surprised. Once arranged, I made a call and shifted a celestial couch.

And, it kind of worked. I spent the rest of the day remembering a surprised voice. A happy voice. That voice replaced the one the kept bothering me in the morning, the one that insisted, 'give up, it isn't worth the fight, give up.'


Heike Fabig said...

That Joe. He's a wise man!

Kristin said...

I like the idea of making a call and shifting some celestial furniture. I'm really glad it helped a bit.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful that you were able to find some peace. I challenge your readers to begin a "pay it forward" campaign, not just in your honour, but, in thanksgiving.


ivanova said...

I'm sorry that the mean, traumatic thing that happened is still causing you and Joe so much pain. Trust you two to come up with a way to do something positive because of it! You guys are terrific. I'm wishing healing for you both.

Liz Miller said...

Joe is a smart cookie.

Colleen said...

Dear Dave:

Joe, he's a very smart man! I like the idea of moving celestial couches to counterbalance evil!

I am sorry that you had to endure the cruely. Even without knowing the circumstances, it is certain that you did nothing to deserve whatever the treatment was. When someone behaves in a mean way towards me, I tell myself that it is likely much more about them (and their problems) than it is about me. It takes a while but eventually it helps a bit.

Hope you feel better soon

Terri said...

I think your blog is often provides mental feng shui. Glad using some for yourself shifted your perspective. I hope you are never have a need to do it again.

Anonymous said...

Smart man that Joe. Luck we know him through you! Shifting celestial furniture...hmm, got a few things to move myself.

OrbitalDiamonds said...

Smart guy, that Joe. :)

I love pay-it-forward-type stuff.