Friday, October 23, 2009

Joe's The (Older) Man

Happy Birthday!! Today is the beginning of a unique month long period. Today Joe becomes one year older than me. Until my birthday in December, when we become the same age again, I get to be the Boy Toy, the trophy bride. Joe bears up remarkably well with this, but then, he's older, wiser and very much more tired.

We have little planned the new wheelchair arrives between 9 and 10, I'm dreading what's coming through the door and simply hope it's usable. It ended up being such a frustrating experience, my need for grey, not black, tire rubber has ended up costing me so much money. But you've got to do what you've got to do. And what I do, in situation's like this, is pretend that everything is OK until everything is OK - then I can cry. May not seem like much of a strategy but it's incredibly successful.

Yesterday was cool because I was able to go out for tea and then grocery shopping with Joe and then send him home. Me and my power chair took off and wandered from store to store shopping for presents. I am a born shopper so I was in my element. I had to ask for help a few times but people were kindly and I managed to get what I wanted without too much frustration.

I liked being out alone, knowing that Joe was comfortably at home. I liked being able to do things for him, without needing something from him. The power chair has made it possible for me to really surprise him with the gifts I've picked up. It was nice buying something placing it into my shopping sack and smiling thinking of his reaction to the gift. This morning, later on, we'll do the gift thing. If it isn't raining, we'll go for a beer. If it's raining, I'm sure we can keep ourselves busy.

I've lived with Joe for 71.42 percent of my life - and he still has 100 percent of my heart.


Bronwyn said...

why gray, not black, tire rubber?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joe! enjoy the day together

Eileen said...

You are both (the older and the younger!) very fortunate men to have found each other and sustained such a loving and strong relationship for so long. Happy Birthday to Joe and may the arrival of the chair be a happy occasion!

wendy said...

Happy Birthday, Joe! Get ready, Dave's got some cool surprises for you, I understand.
I absolutely love the last line of this made my heart do a little flip. How lucky you both are.

Andrea S. said...


I don't remember which post it was now (within the past week or so, though), but Dave mentioned something in an earlier blog post about how the color of tire rubber reflects the composition of that rubber, and that composition affects things like how easy the chair is to push. I don't understand the engineering involved. For that matter, I think Dave said he doesn't either. So if you want a full scientific explanation complete with chemical symbols and physics mumbo jumbo, you would have to go google that! :-)

Cindy said...

Have a happy day - both of you.

Unknown said...

We missed you in New Orleans. Have you rescheduled your visit?
Happy Birthday to Joe. You are way too cute to be straight.

FridaWrites said...

Happy Birthday, Joe!

With my scooter, the gray tires are completely different (foam filled instead of inflatable) from the black--am wondering if it's the same for you.

You had a really good instinct to replace the chair before it went wonky! Despite the delays, you'd have had to choose too quickly, maybe compromising what you wanted, and then wait a long time if you'd not ordered early. I'm in awe and will better trust my own instincts in this regard.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to Joe!

Unknown said...

awwww and Happy Birthday Joe!

CJ said...

Happy Birthday, Joe!

Wish I could go shopping with you, Dave! I love shopping.

Have you seen the movie "Couple's Retreat?" It's a funny little movie and you guys might enjoy it.

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday Joe!

Liz Miller said...

Happy Birthday Joe!!!

Princeton Posse said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday,dear Joe,
Happy Birthday to you

& many more!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joe.
Hope you had a nice relaxing day!
Love LinMac (Linda)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Joe :)

Shan said...

Happy Birthday to my Uncle Joe:
the charming,
the interesting,
the kind,
the generous,
the hilarious,
the selfless.

May all company be as good company as you are.

Anonymous said...

Well, happy birthday to your 'old man'. :) Hope you both have a fun day.


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Joe!!!!

Belinda said...

Well, the day is almost done, but the good wishes aren't. Happy birthday to a wonderful person, who radiates kindness, gentleness and laughter.

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Joe!