Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tim Ber

It was wild out there yesterday. Every store I went into, with an eye to getting a gift or two, was jam packed. Lineups everywhere, stores maximized space by piling stuff up everywhere making passageways barely accessible, people were rushing around with pained expressions on their faces as they picked this up, put that back. Into this environment come a big power wheelchair. I proudly say that I never knocked anything over, never ran over any one's toes, never crashed into a single display. I also proudly say, I've never driven better in my life. Forget a kid on a joystick with a Play Station 3, this was Alpha Dave 6, and I would kick that kids ass some of the moves I pulled off.

Anyways, what was cool about yesterday was the fact that everyone was so determined to be NICE. There was this IT'S CHRISTMAS, GOD WAS BORNE, THE FAT GUY IN THE RED SUIT IS WATCHING, REINDEER CAN FRIGGING FLY ... SO I'D BETTER BE NICE TO THE GUY IN THE BLUE WHEELCHAIR - atmosphere. People stepped around me without complaint, those who I asked to reach something for me that was either too high or too low did so eagerly, when someone bumped into my chair with a bag or a basket they apologized!

It may have been cold outside but it was warm inside.

I know that these are only the sentiments of the season. I know that the atmosphere is artificial. I know that it won't last - even though we all want to hold Christmas in our heart all year round. I know, I know, I know.

And don't care.

I'll take false nice.

I'll take manufactured cheer.

I'll take artificial good will.

If once a year it takes a huge dose of holiday sentiment to dust out the corners of our heart that allow us to look upon others kindly, so be it.

As some crippled kid once said, 'God bless us every one.'

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Gary Miller said...

Dave, I'm really glad you had such a good day, with positive experiences, yesterday.

It's a great pity that the '...season of goodwill to all...' lasts for such a short time each year.

How about piling up the positive memories somewhere and letting them out, slowly, when times are during the rest of the year?

Yours Aye,