Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus

What an incredible honour.

It really was.

A few days ago when Mike and Marissa were visiting with the kids, I had a little conversation with Ruby. She was helping out with decorating the tree and talking excitedly about Christmas. This is the first year that she understands a bit about the season. While she may not get the finer points about the birth, the manger, the three kings, she does get Santa Claus.

I asked her what gift she had asked Santa Claus to give her on Christmas day. She looked at me very seriously. She considered the question. I waited. She leaned forward and whispered, "A Barbie and a Barbie car.' Suddenly I realized that this little request of a tiny girl to a powerful being for a special gift represented, perhaps, her first wee prayer.

There was a real softness, a mystical tone, in her voice when she answered. I immediately felt honoured that she had shared this with me. That she trusted me enough to let me into that part of her heart where she harboured secret wishes.

Then after work last week, Joe and I drove up to a Toys R Us store. Thank God for disabled parking!! We went through the store and found Barbie and her pink car. We scooped it up and I sat grinning unselfconsciously in my wheelchair with this treasure in my lap. I was thrilled with the purchase and our role in this little life.

You parents, wow, isn't it great to find out that Santa does exist, it's just that he's been snoozing in the corner of your heart waiting for a tiny voice to make a little wish.


wendy said...

What a sweet story. I can just see her little eyes lighting up when she sees what Santa brought!

Susan, mum to Molly said...

I'm so pleased she confided in you Dave!

Our eldest cheeky monkey (then 6) flatly refused last Christmas to tell anyone what she was hoping for from Santa, so of course he/we got it wrong!!!

Luckily for us where Santa fails, interstate Grandma provides in the form of cold hard cash - so Miss L could go and buy the desired object herself (also a Barbie, swimming with dolphins no less!)

All the best, and only the best, of the season to you & Joe - from way-too-warm Sydney.

Susan and "the 3 sisters"

Kristin said...

"isn't it great to find out that Santa does exist, it's just that he's been snoozing in the corner of your heart waiting for a tiny voice to make a little wish."

I love that sentiment Dave. Not only were you lucky enough to be brought in on her wish, but Ruby was lucky enough to share her wish with someone who truly gets it.

FridaWrites said...

It really is a fun thing. Now that our daughter doesn't believe anymore, she's having fun being in the know with her brother and plays it up (in a good way).

Last year, my son got Spots and Corn, the mice, and my son said, "Mom, Santa got me the mice! Please can I keep them?"

I still remember my daughter's eyes lighting up the first time she really understood Santa gifts--she got a play kitchen.

Kris S. said...

I love hearing about Ruby and her family. They are blessed by having you and Joe in their lives (and vice-versa).

theknapper said...

That's the magic of Christmas!

RebeccaA said...

I love this story! Ruby sounds like such an angel!

Rebecca xx

Princeton Posse said...

I believe that in the deepest part of our beings/hearts, we are Santa Claus! Don't forget to do a "Secret Santa" this year, it's so much fun...

Shan said...

Oh I just LOVE it. She told you, what a miracle! My ones can be very secretive.