Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There's Fight In Them Yet!

"You crippled bastard."

"You fat assed bitch."

Oh, my. I went into the LCBO to pick up some beer and almost ran into an odd sort of couple. He looked like cross between a mountain man and a wizard, she looked like a cross between a lesbian and a MAC truck. He used a huge wooden stick that looked like it was freshly sawed off a tree. She had one of those huge fabric bags covered in embroidered flowers. I turned a corner and there they were. I came to a complete halt and waited for them to move along.

I was in no rush so I know there was no impatience in my face. Even so, she grabbed his arm to pull him out of my way. He objected to this and told her to let go of him. She said he was always in the way never thinking of others. He said that she was a domineering bitch who lived to tell him what to do. She said that if she didn't tell him what to do he'd still be shitting in a forest. The fight was on.

And apparently, on ...

I finally made my way over to the beer section of the store. As it's holidays the store is jam packed with stuff and the aisle ways are made narrow by Christmas displays. And there they were, fighting over the beer. "If you were a real woman you'd listen to what I had to say. If you were a real man you'd know how to make me listen. I'll take this stick to you if you don't stop yattering on at me. You ever try to hit me with that stick I'll break it off and stick it up your ass. My god woman people can hear you. Yeah, well they can see you .." They fought with the ease of practice. Like the fight started in 1946 and continues on.

Finally I was able to get the beer and get out to meet Joe at the front of the store. There they were walking along, fighting like cats and dogs, holding each other's hands.

To the crippled bastard and the fat arsed bitch - Rock On!


Gone Fishing said...

Ahhhh Joy, meanwhile on the brighter side the Non communicative Autistic Child my wife has worked with was presented with a "Strive" award in the final School Assembly. Which brought tears to wifeys eyes, and mine when she told me. Makes you worth Gold sweetheart (first special needs child in 15 years of working with them to gain such an award

When people quibble over what sort of quality of life do Autistics (And others)have and use that as an excuse for termination h I smile blankly and think of pushing her out in the Kayak or her holding her "Strive" award, compare that to the fat bitch and cripple.

NEVER underestimate anybody and Learn from them all

miss kitten said...

love comes in all sort of ways. my daughter loves me. she also would say (loudly) stuff like "you behave yourself or its BACK to the closet!" when she was pushing my wheelchair.

sarcastic love. you REALLY have to accquire a taste for it. :D

Heather and Gabriel said...

I think you met my sister and her husband.