Wednesday, December 30, 2009

National Ballet Follow Up

Just to let you know how quickly they have responded and how seriously they have taken the compliant. Here is a paragraph from their letter to me which arrived via email today:

Your family's experience has highlighted grave flaws on our website and we are taking them very seriously. We will review the online application for accessible ticket purchasing and will make every effort to provide clarity. There are already changes in language on the site today and we are looking into changing our seating maps to indicate stair locations as well as explanatory notes for the "non-fixed" seats in the new year.

Again, I'm pleased to know that this has resulted in making things better for others who follow. I also wanted to acknowledge good corporate response to complaints.


AkMom said...

Dave, I am a brand new reader to your blog, I have just read the entire month of December. You are an amazing writer, full of love, joy, compassion, frustration....
I will be spending the next few days catching up on earlier blog posts, and will be reading every day from now on.

Thank you for being you!

Andrea S. said...

It's great that they're moving so quickly on this. It's always gratifying to be heard and taken seriously, particularly when so often these things don't happen for people with disabilities.

It's positive that they recognize this as a "grave" problem, and not just an "inconvenience."

Liz said...

Bravo Dave!! You handled the situation with grace, when others would have caused an inappropriate disturbance.

Bravo to the Nation Ballet for being so open to rectify the situation!!!

Happy Holidays to you & yours!

Kristin said...

I am so glad they are trying to rectify their problems and that they truly seem to recognize the seriousness of the issues.

Colleen said...

Dear Dave:

I am just catching up on your blog after visiting family for Christmas. I was horrified to read about what happened at the Nutcracker. I can well imagine that, for you, seeing Ruby's response to the ballet was the star attraction. To be robbed of that is heartbreaking. Although it is good to see that there has been a quick response, I cannot think that anything will compensate you for that loss.

Your experience made me think of a phrase that Catherine Frazee uses "precarious citizenship". People with disabilities are often on the edge of losing all that goes with citizenship, including the simple pleasure of being with a child of your family in her first delightful encounter with ballet. Thank you Dave for taking them to task about this. I am sorry that you had to.


Rebecca A said...

sorry Dave that this isn't relevant to this post. Wanted to post b4 I forgot (different time zones and we're having a party) - HAPPY NEW YEAR!! thanks for all the inspiration, u have no idea how much it helps! love, Rebecca xx

Gary Miller said...


Really sorry for you, Ruby and everyone else.

I applaud you for your stance and choice of action.

I also applaud you for making The National Ballet's responses public. Acknowledging the positive is just as important as publicising the negative.

I also applaud the National Ballet for their fast and effective response to a very real issue.

Well done all involved.