Monday, June 01, 2009

Another Blatent Promotion

To Rolling Readers in Southern Ontario

I will be giving a day long lecture on June 19th in Toronto for Vita Community Living Services. This is the second of three lectures I'm doing in Toronto this year. It's called ...

Self-Awareness, Self Esteem and Self Advocacy: Creating New Ways Towards Quality Service

For a copy of the flyer or to register please call Rose Castronovo at 416-749-6234 x211 or email her at .

If you are a regular reader of Rolling Around in My Head, please come and introduce yourself to both Joe and I.

Hope to see at least some of you there.


Jen said...

Unfortunately the 19th is out for me, but please continue to let us know where you're speaking! I'm just in Guelph, so hopefully I'll get to see you at some point. We're just starting to plan for my kids' adulthood, and so much of what you talk about would be very helpful to hear. I hope that the presentation goes well!

JP said...


Will you and Joe be anywhere near Illinois this year?

JP said...

RE: Previous comment.

I know that you don't respond to individual comments, but perhaps you could update us with your appearance dates every so often. Your stalkers need to know where to go! :o)

Mom said...


Jenn Power here from L'Arche in Cape Breton. I wanted to direct you to my latest blog entry, which contains a link to a 7:30 minute video we just made with some of the folks with disabilities here at L'Arche CB. I really think you woudl like it, and I would love to hear your feedback. My blog is at