Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lovely Lisa

I've fallen in love, briefly I'm sure, with a girl named Lisa. I've never even seen her but I love her, deeply and spiritually, my fondness for her knows no bounds. I've never even met her.

Today I did a lecture at the Argyll Hotel in Inveraray for about 80 folks from the surrounding area. They were a warm and welcoming group, full of fun but they also had a deep desire to be challenged and to learn. This is not true of every group I present to. So the day went well. At the end, things just went out of wack. Joe was busy packing, I had to go to the washroom but the disabled washroom was a mile away. I pushed my chair up and struggled into the regular can and did my business there.

When I came out Joe had moved the chair, and I assumed had picked up the leg rests from the front of the room and brought it out to the car. I held on to his shoulders and walked to the car. After loading boxes Joe backed out nearly running over the wheelchair which sat looking forlornly at us like a child left at a gas station. We got it in and then got out of there.

On arrival at the hotel in Glasgow we realized we'd left the footrests, we'd packed an extra pair after what happened a few weeks ago so were able to use those but they are just not the same. Not at all.

We growled at each other for a few minutes and then I called the Argyll hotel, desperate to see that they'd found them and that they'd be willing to ship them to us.

Enter Lisa.

She found them and said that they would ship them no problem.

I began giving her the address where I'm staying and she said, "I know that hotel, I have to come down to Glasgow tonight, why don't I just drop these off for you. It will be well after midnight but I could leave them with the porter."

Lisa. What a euphonius appellation!

I've got a crush on a girl.

I gotta call Mom, this will make her day.


Heike said...

Oh no! Not a girl! Euuww. My eight year old boy knows girl germs are something to stay away from. And certainly don't even think about kissing, that's gross!

John R. said...

Service is so often nicer across the pond....Lisa rocks!!

wendy said...

Well, Dave, chaulk it up to another of your many strange and wonderful experiences! A crush on a girl...everyone should have at least one of those...just to see how it feels. I'm sure Joe is quaking in his boots! ;-)

Andrea Shettle, MSW said...

Hope Joe is not too jealous! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I am glad Scotland is treating you well! Being a Scot i feel a certain anxiety logging on when you are here, waiting for the post that shames our country with tales of horrendous accesibility or attitudes (for like everywhere, we have more than our fair share of such things). I am pleased and proud that so far Scotland has given you examples of the best rather than the worst, long may it continue!

shiva said...

so... you are in the UK? which towns/cities are you speaking in?

Would be interested in which UK organisations invited you to speak as well...

Shan said...

Ah, it's never too late, eh?