Friday, November 14, 2008

Dave's Got Power

So, guess what I did.

Go on guess.

It was supposed to happen Monday but it ended up happening Tuesday. The OT came over, asking to bring along a student, and talked to me about my power wheelchair. The 'vendor' showed up with the machine about 20 minutes late.

It was love at first sight.

It's a beautiful machine and after getting a bit of an explanation about how to work it, I got in. They fussed around with the arms and the wheels and measuring the back. Finally, after what seemed hours, I got to drive it. The thing turns on a dime and then I was out through the door and down the hallway. I got on the elevator, rode it down and got out. All without crashing into anything. Then I was outside heading down the walkway, weaving around the construction barriers.

I turned back reluctantly and headed back to the building. I felt my life change at that moment. I knew that I was, once again, going to have independant access of my local community. I knew that, once again, I'd be free to travel alone. I am desperate to go on my first shopping trip to buy Joe and present - without him having any idea about where I've been or what I might have purchased.

It was hard to say goodbye to this model but I placed an order for one and it will be here when I get back. I still have to go through more assessment so I can get some funding, I still have to work thorough wacks of paperwork, but I will have this thing.

But first things first.

I'm off for a month long lecture tour of the UK.

I'll be seeing old friends.

I'll be meeting new.

The travel is daunting. The work is exciting.

The perfect way to kill time while waiting for ...

well here's where you come in ..

my gps is named Ted.

What should I name my powerchair?


(Next post from the UK.)

If I wrote a new post it would be Dave Lost Power. I just discovered I left my power cord for my computer in the last hotel. I'm going to need to get one in England. I'm begging my UK readers to tell me what store I would go to to find a power cord (right from plug in to computer - mine has two pieces and I don't know what they are individually called). My laptop is a compaq presario V6000 which I understand from a search on google is fairly common in the UK so I'm hopeful about finding a cord. Please if you know the name of a store that sells computer accessories and parts, let me know. Ever in your debt.


Emma said...

PC World is probably you're best bet but possibly not so easy to get too as they tend to be in out of town shopping areas. Or you could try currys. Argos is a possibility but I doubt they would have specific leads. What parts of the UK are you coming too?

Glad you liked the powerchair - I love mine for easy but I still feel more "me" in my manual chair to be honest.

Glee said...


I love my electric freedom and go for miles and miles.

hugs for a happy Dave,


Anonymous said...

Maplins would be my best bet.

Andrea Shettle, MSW said...

If you like rhyming names then there's Fred.

Or: is there some fictional character named Ted who you like? Is there some other character very closely associated with the fictional "Ted" who you could use as naming inspiration?

Once a database server had to split up their services into two closely related computers that were going to do certain things in tandem (what one computer was too tied up to do would be routed automatically to the other), and the computers had to be named. (Not just from affection but apparently for techy reasons I don't really understand.) One was named Data, after a character in Star Trek the Next Generation, which was still current at that time. The other was named "Lore" after Data's evil twin brother :-) Then they even had a third computer later on that came to be called "Dr Soong" after their father ...

I don't know if you're geeky enough for that kind of naming system to appeal to you, but I thought I'd raise the thought just in case ;-)

Defying gravity said...

I'd go for Maplins as well. Or many towns have small second hand electrical shops - where are you travelling to?

Scot said...

I really don't have an explanation for either, but I like Ponch or Bubba. Good luck and godspeed on getting it soon! Have a great trip!

Celestine said...

Hi Dave,
Great to hear you are getting your power chair. My dad had one and it was absolutely the greatest thing since sliced bread. The grandkids and great grandkids loved it because they could go for special rides with PawPaw. It gave dad freedom he never would have experienced without it even though we did everything we could to support his remaining active in his community. My dad had been a truck driver and he named his "Mack". I think you should have a name such as "Rocky" or "Flash". You have that fighting super hero spirit and your wheels will only enhance your ability to win battles and empower others. Happy traveling!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I know one of your stops is in Renfrewshire, you were in Reid Mcewan last year, there is a Maplin's in Glasgow but PC world in Braehead would be easier to get to. There is a shopmobility there (and Whittard and Chelsea which sells teas.) Parking is directly outside PC world as well so it is more accessible too.

Welcome to Scotland!!!!

Tammy said...

Congrats on the chair. I say since it has horsepower, give it a horsey name like "Flicka", or "trigger",or "Lightening" favorite..Mr. Ed, and it will rhyme with Ted.

Maranatha said...

I think you should name your new chair "Saoirse AbĂș" which is gaelic for long live freedom! Congrats!!