Friday, October 31, 2008

Rights! A Southern Ontario Opportunity (todays post follows)

Next Friday on November 7th, or three days after the election we thought would never end. Amy Tabor is going to be in Toronto doing a presentation on the Rights of people with disabilities who live within service systems. Many agencies struggle with rights and responsbilities for those in care. Someone once quipped that the only ability that agencies care about is liability ... well there's a reason for that. Amy is an expert in helping agencies ensure that rights are respected and well incoroporated into agency policies and into the every day life of those who live with support.

For information on this conference please call Rose Castronovo at Vita ... their number is 416-749-6234 at extension 211, or email her for a copy of the flyer at

See you there!

I'll be the fat guy in the wheelchair, stop by and introduce yourself as a 'Chewing the Fat' reader.

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Celestine said...

Yeah Amy! You will all love her presentation. She is great!!

Anonymous said...

I am coming to that presentation and I am excited about it!