Thursday, October 08, 2020

What Just Happened

 Just a couple of minutes ago we got off the phone having cancelled our Thanksgiving dinner plans. It was something that we were looking forward to and something that we'll miss but we felt was the responsible thing to do. Ontario's cases of COVID-19 are climbing and the government asked its citizenry to forego the Thanksgiving celebrations this year.

The one nice thing about this damn pandemic is that it is an opportunity to show our friends, our families, our neighbours and our country that we care about them, that we will take actions to protect them and that we are part of the active fight against this disease. My patriotism is not always on view. Now it's called for and it can be seen.

There is a mask on my face because I want others to be safe.

I wash my hand and publicly use hand sanitizers because I care for those working in stores and shops.

Quiet will rule at our house on Thanksgiving because I want to defeat this scourge.

The one nice thing about Thanksgiving, however, is that it can't be cancelled. No virus, no bug, no invisible army can put a stop to the act of giving thanks, of showing appreciation of expressing gratitude. No, that I do, that we will do together, and we will do it with the all the warmth our gay hearts can muster.

See my mask.

See my care for you.

See my sanitized hands.

See my commitment to your safety.

See our dinner celebrated just for two.

See my pride in being able to fight against this foe.

On Sunday, we will give thanks as we find ourselves awash in gratitude that we are still safe and alive and contributing to the world we live in.


lexica said...

Affection and best wishes to you and yours, Dave. May your day of giving thanks be full of love.

ABEhrhardt said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Joe and Dave.