Thursday, October 22, 2020

Hills and Roads

 It's a weird thing to remark upon, but I have battles with drivers of cars in the mall parking lot. As I think you know I am trying to keep my strength up and get decent exercise by getting out of the car and then rolling way down a hill, further and further each time, and then pushing myself back up. I only rarely now get offers for help pushing myself, covid has made us wary of strangers and their touch. But when I arrive back at the car, I pull up to the road I need to cross in order to push up and into the mall.

It's a busy road but I've found the drivers really respectful of me and my need to cross. I don't like feeling rushed to cross and then heave myself up the curb cut. So, I usually wave people along to pass me so I can both catch my breath from the climb and wait for a legitimate break in the traffic. Sometimes this means that I have to wave by 5 or 6 cars.

And that's where the dueling begins. 

I wave at them to pass me.

They wave for me to pass.

I shake my head and wave to them again.

They smile and wave for me to go.

This continues while cars line up behind them. Once they've gone and are moving, the other cars are easier to shoo along.

When the case is clear, I have breath and power and then do the last big push uphill and into the mall.

I kind of think that this is a wee bit lovely. They are pausing and giving me time and space to pass. That's all I've ever wanted. That it takes a wave or two to get them to move is of little consequence. They are acting in good faith with me and I with them.

In these days of darkness, the pandemic clouding all of our lives, it's nice that we haven't devolved into screaming and ranting, it's nice to see the Canadian heart rise.

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