Friday, November 10, 2017

this gig


This morning we woke up to about three inches of snow on our driveway. For some reason, even though we've moved to a place where there is more snow and where we manage our own snow on our driveway, we never bought a shovel. So I sat at the edge of the door and looked at the gentle slope down to the car and I felt that I was about to launch a rickety bobsled down a steep hill.

Turns out it wasn't like that at all.

I rolled a few feet and then was mired in the snow. Pushing the tires was completely useless as they turned easily but with no effect at all. Joe had to come and push me, something that rankled me, I like to do it myself. But I needed help and was grateful to have it. I got into the car and immediately upon the chair being loaded, we had the Hamish discussion.

We began to strategize as to how best to achieve maximum mobility in my manual chair on work days. Where do we park the car? What are potential pathways? What do we do to ensure that Joe, who carries the bulk of the 'operations' responsibilities, doesn't get over loaded?

By the time we got to work, we had ideas to try and changes to make.

It takes work this disability gig, doesn't it?

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clairesmum said...

Your new place has lots of improvements over the old one...but no place is perfect! You two will come up with a solution..
but what is the "Hamish" conversation?