Sunday, November 26, 2017

Inspired By The Guy At Metro Who Held Open The Wrong Door and Then Got Angry Because I Didn't Go Through It

Please, please, don't get angry
When I turn down help
I don't need.
I just want to meet my needs not yours.

Please, please, don't get weepy
When you see me out shopping
Pity tastes bitter
I 'm not Tiny Tim I'm just getting groceries

Please, please, don't offer me prayers
With your hands held out to touch me
I don't want healing
I want to do what I can in peace

Please, please, don't grab my chair to help
It's assault and could hurt me badly
A chair is not permission.
I just want my boundaries respected.

Please, please, don't stare at me and my differences
Your eyes are intrusive and slice through my day
Difference is just difference
I want to be anonymous and even invisible.

Please, please, don't find me inspiring
And tell me how moved you are
I am not inspiring.
I'm just being the way I was meant to be.

I'm asking nicely because I was raised to be polite
But I grow weary of caring
About your feelings
I really want to slap you silly sometimes.

But I don't.

Not yet.

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