Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Tisket a Tasket

Image Description: Joe standing proudly displaying his basket. The basket is a large rectangular wicker basket with a wicker top.
We went out yesterday.

Both Joe and I have been laid low by a cold. We haven't left the house in days, except for a visit to the doctor (whoo hoo!) This doesn't really count as an 'outing' it counts as an 'appointment', I learned this from the work I do and the differing forms required for each act of living.

Yesterday morning we were gifted with a reason to go out. Joe's big laundry basket collapsed. Just collapsed. It was a big wicker basket and when he was down in the laundry room it up and died. So, we were in need of something that gave us a mission for a experimental trip out. It would allow us to see if we were indeed doing better.

Wrapped up in a huge bundle of clothing, I was ready to go. Joe chose his heavy coat and a matching black and gray scarf. We were winter ready. Joe looked dapper, I looked ... warm. We headed out the door and down the street. The day was warmer than we expected and I soon began to sweat. But it wasn't far, I could peal off six or seven layers for the way home.

We found a big laundry basket, and when we were on the street arranging ourselves to get home, I volunteered to carry the basket. Joe protested, without much conviction, and we were off. I'm used to carrying things home, of course, but this was a bit big and a bit cumbersome. It was a little difficult seeing curbs, but I was managing just fine.

About two blocks from home I saw a couple, maybe in their twenties, standing and gawking at me. Openly gawking. They saw me see them but they didn't stop, the didn't care. They were simply unable to move, stuck to the ground by their fascination with my particular difference.

As I went by, I glanced at the young woman and said, "I think you might want to be a bit concerned that your boyfriend has been staring at my basket for the last few minutes." Then I turned to him and said, "Sorry, babe, but I'm married." Joe overhearing this added, "Get your eyes off my man's basket."

They stayed rooted to the spot. We didn't burst into laughter til we turned the corner. Then we howled. We didn't hear them laughing behind us.

We were tired when we got home, but you know, that little interchange put a bit of spring into my step.

Now if spring would come.


Glee said...


ABEhrhardt said...


You guys MUST be feeling better. That's the kind of things writers come up with after several rewrites - I know, I'm a writer.

It would have been hilarious if the couple were laughing with you. Their loss.

clairesmum said...

Guess I will be looking at baskets a little differently now!

Rachel in Idaho said...

That? Was brilliant! I am in awe! And also falling over laughing!

You tell 'em!

Seriously, how many stereotypes did you destroy in that brief conversation? So well done!

szera said...

OMG...that is to purrrfect!
Luv it. However you realize we can now tease you both about being a basket case 😂
(Kim...doing the duck-and-run)

painting with fire said...

laughing. so. hard!

Princeton Posse said...

Now, that is a funny picture! It's only 3 weeks until day light savings time - Yippee.

Anonymous said...

Awesomely quick-witted of both of you.

szera said...

Right ?!?! Still chuckling 😁

Anonymous said...

As amusing as your blog is, I have long suspected that you two are a real toot together!!! Thanks for sharing the laugh.

Unknown said...

I am so laughing as hard as I can right now and I so hope that when I come across people like that I have a witty comment I can make like that. I think it is awesome the way that you handled that. Great job!

Cynthia F. said...

LMAO! You and Joe improvise so well together!