Friday, February 05, 2016

A Radical Kiss

(Note: there is no voice over, the only sound is that of a guitar playing gently)

This morning I was on one of the two gay news sites that I visit every day. Both of them were lauding, and rightly so, Hallmark for producing a 'kiss' ad featuring a gay couple. I clicked on to watch the video. I didn't realize how short the ad was and before I knew it the next 'kiss' ad was playing.

I was thunderstruck.

This kiss was radical. Perhaps even more radical than the one with the two men. It features a fat man with the woman who loves him. It's gentle, powerful and holds, for me at least, great meaning.

I'm not used to seeing people who look at all like me on screen. If fat people do appear on television or movies, we are usually the butt of the joke, or a gluttonous villain, or the source of slapstick. But this, this was romantic.


Like he's worthy of love.

Like he's, and I can't type this without tears running down my face, beautiful.

Sorry ... that's all I can write today.


Colleen said...

I love the ads Dave!

I'm teaching from First Contact right now. Dave Hingsburger, you are a beautiful man!

Jeannette said...

Wow. We don't have TV, so I had no idea. Just wow.
This is great. Thank you for letting us know.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday they will do a similar ad with a large woman and show they are beautiful and worthy of love too.

Purpletta said...

Thank you, Dave... I went back & watched the other clips as well, all heartwarming. As a person who often feels "less than" or unworthy, I can associate with the sentiment being deeply touching -- that someone who appears more like me is still seen as someone worthy of relationship, of love... It's "funny," Dave, because I don't see it when I look at myself but I am absolutely certain of it when I look at you: you are beautiful in every way...

Rosemary said...

As a person that has often been told they are no longer desireable because of their weight, the ad of the heavy man being kissed brought me to tears.