Thursday, October 22, 2015

No More Sleeps


I go home today.

I get to sit in my adapted chair

in my adapted home.

I get to sleep in my adapted bed

on my personally selected pillow.

I get to park my wheelchair

and sit at my desk.

I get to poo on a loo

of just the right height.

I get to shower in a shower

with soap that smells like heather.

I go home today.

And park the van we've rented

to use our car which we've adapted.

I get to go home today

And rest.

Until we leave again

On Monday.


ABEhrhardt said...

I marvel at your energy and determination.

My disability includes having no energy; if I leave the house more than 2-3 times per week, I cannot write, because my brain will not work: I am too exhausted to think.

And you're out there, conquering the world, traveling, showing people who come to your presentations how a disabled person can work just fine. Wish I could! I miss work.

I have created a second life, a second career, and I love it - but it takes everything I have, which is okay - but I envy you the travel, even with all the work you have to do just to find a place to lay your head every night.

Enjoy! You are being a good example, and I love to go along vicariously.

clairesmum said...

As Dorothy said "there's no place like home!"

Anonymous said...

Evry time I come home and put the key in the door of my house I feel safe and welcome. It is the place where I really can rest.

It is good that you and Joe have that too.

Enjoy it!