Thursday, October 01, 2015

She Said

Photo Description: Child's wheelchair, metal frame is bright yellow.

I was caught in the same line-up.

The wait seemed interminable.

The clerk, slow and bored.

Two spaces ahead of me were a young mother with her boy.

He sat in a jolly, really jolly, bright yellow wheelchair.

He was bored.

I was bored.

We were all bored.

"What's wrong, Mommy," he asked.

"I'm just tired," she said.

After a pause he said, "I wish you had a chair to sit in like me."

She smiled.

The woman between mom and child and me, said, "He doesn't understand what he's saying."






She said.


Colleen said...

Like! Cheers for this mother!

Unknown said...

NICE! This was the first thing I decided to read this a.m. - great start to my day. Thank you Dave.

clairesmum said...

Way to go, mom!

ABEhrhardt said...

I know how she feels: my walker has a fold-down seat - and it is a very useful feature.

Standing is hard when it goes on too long.

Our lives aren't only full of negatives and can't-haves.

Rosemary said...

I love my walker because I can sit anywhere. My dog, Maggie Bonny, loves it, too. When she gets tired, I plop her on the seat and push.

Mar-Mar said...

Three Cheers !
Yay for the empathy expressed by the sensitive and observant 6 year old!

Yay For Mom for affirming her child . .letting him know he was right on and that she has his back!

Yay for Dave for posting this story!

Molly said...

Love that mom. Love this story. Love that young man.