Monday, October 19, 2015

A. C. (Annoyed Cripple)

So, I'm coming back to my hotel room. Down at the other end of the hallway a door opens and two people. dressed up for the evening, come out of their room and head towards me. As we get closer, I pull over to the right side, as they were walking on the left, to ensure that they had plenty of room to pass. I know they had plenty of room to pass, I'd gone by a loaded down housekeepers cart on my way by already.

Just before we meet, they startle the hell out of me by dashing in front of me, right in front of me, into an alcove created in the hallway at door entrances. I have to immediately pull to the left as now, if I continued straight, I'd hit them. Why? Because they are leaning out smiling at me. Faces shining because they've done something nice for me.

And I tell you.

I tell you true.

I couldn't do what they wanted.

I couldn't thank them.

Their faces looked at me in anticipation as I drew close and then shock when I went by, silently. They knew I'd seen them. Their gesture was obvious. I had wanted something from them - to walk by me normally, and they wanted something from me, to confirm that they are wonderful people.

Neither of us got what we wanted.

As Joe and I got out of the elevator we were talking about it. He'd seen it all happen because he's stepped behind me, giving them passing room, when we first saw them in the hallway.

I told him that they are just going to think I'm a bitter, ungrateful cripple.

I'm not.

I can be an annoyed, slightly pissed off, and even peevish, cripple.

I don't know what it was about this time that kept my mouth shut. Normally, I do say 'thanks' and acknowledge the effort.

But sometimes I cant.

You know?


clairesmum said...

it's ok not to say words that are not true....
white lies can be used to soothe social awkwardness - but sometimes you don't want to lie - that's ok, too.
does it change the situation if you focus on how you think of them? something like 'inconsiderate, needy bipeds who always want to be the center of attention"?
maybe not...carrying them along will surely slow you down!

ABEhrhardt said...

Hey, you kept your mouth shut, and did NOT mutter something sarcastic such as, "Showoffs!" or "Can't they see how ridiculous they look because that wasn't necessary?"

You probably didn't even roll your eyes (so they could see).

You didn't stop them and lecture.

Massive self-restraint. They got off easy. Maybe the shock will make them think about what they did. Probably not, but maybe...?

B. said...

Yup, that's tiring. I agree that you showed admirable restraint, or one could say why bother with another bit of 'normal' weirdness. Just pass on by.

Anonymous said...

So. You were given a gift. Not asked for or expected. Given in ignorance perhaps, but given with a good thought. No thank you. Well. Perhaps they will learn. They will learn NOT to be considerate for the next person, who may not be as educated, mobile and with it like you. You sure showed them.