Friday, March 27, 2015

No Where

We got home yesterday, from the clinic, where Joe was told that 'all was well' and there was 'absolutely no reason for worry,' exhausted. Sitting and waiting, in a waiting room not designed for a wheelchair, and feeling both conspicuous and worried was tiring for me. Going through the testing was exhausting for Joe. So, we were quiet. Joe had something to eat, then went and had a very long nap. I logged on to work and quietly answered emails and completed tasks.

A few hours later we headed out to do some banking and to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy. I knew that Joe was going to be a while at the bank so I took a huge stack of 'scratch and win' lottery tickets over to be checked at the automatic scanner. This is one of the things I do - because Joe doesn't really enjoy the chore. Me, I find it kind of fun and relaxing. I just scan and put the winners (3$ WOW) in one small pile and the 'oops you lose' in the much, much larger pile.

Because we were at the bank I went to the small convenience store that had a 'checker' inside the mall and around the corner from the bank. I was feeling good. Joe was well. My worry had been unnecessary. Or, possibly, my worried had healed him, which is possible because worry is such a powerful tool for dealing with stress and crisis. But whatever, he was well. I was well. We'd had a nice bit of quiet time at home, me plucking at computer keys in silence while he slept. I was out. And though I was out, I forgot what that meant. And, as I ran the tickets through the scanner, I felt safe. I didn't notice people in the mall. I didn't notice anything. I just did the tickets, separating them into one pile or another.

Then, into my reverie comes a face. A fellow, wearing a shirt and tie, expensive I notice, is looking at me, with hard eyes, "Just remember, this isn't actually like having a job. A job. You know, like, where you go to work and make money."

And he was gone.

He returned to a group who were laughing at his little jibe.

And I was left.


There's no where safe.

There's no where safe.

There's no where safe.


Andrea S. said...

Ugh. Wish I could lock him in a room somewhere for long enough to give him a good earful.

Liz Miller said...

I am sending you a bushel basket of hugs.

Anonymous said...

I keep having to do this: I apologize for the human race, idiot subsection.

I am sorry, my friend, that anyone should subject you to this, ever.

My best to Joe, and I'm grateful with you that your worrying was either successful or unnecessary.


Unknown said...

That's horrible. What a despicable little sh*t, expensive shirt or not, he (and his tittering group of cronies) are nothing. Nothing. I hope he regrets his actions one day. Good news about Joe though, and that should be all that matters.

clairesmum said...

Yuck! What a nasty matter how handsome his clothing! I'd help Andrea S. give him an earful, all right! and I'd help Liz with that bushel basket of hugs for you, too!

Anonymous said...

Are you impressed that you were given that amount of attention from someone who is obviously very important?
Guess you can buy clothes - but really can't buy class!

e said...

Nasty...Stupid and totally unnecessary and I am sorry you were subjected to that. No-one should be. Ever.

Colleen said...

First - am happy to hear that Joe is okay.

Second - I agree with Gary McArthur - what a despicable little sh*t!

Third and most important - Dave, so sorry this happened to you.

Fourth - Once long ago I had a pet rabbit, Bunn. Whenever I got a pedicure she would bite my toes - I mean draw blood bite. so here is what I propose to do with the despicable little sh*t - give him a pedicure and lock him in a room with Bunn while Andrea S is giving him an earful.

Seriously - since when does anyone think it is okay to talk to anyone that way? Let alone a perfect stranger.

Lastly - I am not a huggy person and I suspect you are not either - so I send you wishes for whatever it is that restores you and comforts you after such an encounter. Even when you know that his behavior says a whole lot more about him than it does about you - it still hurts.

Jeannette said...

Yes. What everybody else said. I wish I could have made it not happen. I wish I had been there to go over to him and say that you do indeed have a job, that sometimes people who have jobs sometimes take a day off, but people who are stupid and nasty never seem to figure out how to take a day off from being like that.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, Dave, that this has happened. Being me, I cannot imagine what causes someone to be so cruel. And entitled. And stupid. And other words that apply. It is beyond my ability to understand such a person.
I'm delighted, though, that Joe is okay! :)
Sending you a cyber cup of tea. I'll join you.

Eliza said...

It's terrible that a jerk like him saying nasty things to a wonderful person like you is a thing that is even allowed to happen in this world. It also boggles my mind- what does a person get out of that kind of bullying after, like, grade school? How does an adult find that gratifying?

Anonymous said...


I am very glad that Joe is alright!

Unfortunatly this world is full of egocentrical guys like the one you encountered. I am sorry that happened. It is good that you that you are able to feel offended and talk aout it.

Sometimes such a situation can lead to someone being so uncomfortable that he does not want to go out anymore.

I hate when this happens. It takes so much freedom from a person...

Sorry Julia

Anonymous said...

Eff, I hate this post. This moment, that man, the way my heart sort of just plummeted into my stomach. The way my shoulders just hunched. The way yours must have to, useless against such shitty, shitty words. Are we allowed to swear on your blog? I hope so. Fuckity-fuck.

Liz McL.

B. said...

Gees... I agree with the other commenters here. That was a very small minded person. Take care, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Expensive Shirt and Tie,
"Just remember, this isn't actually like having a sense of humour. You know, like, where you say something that's amusing and create closeness by laughing together."