Monday, March 02, 2015

A Spectacular Potato

This morning Joe and I were sitting watching a YouTube video about how to cook a potato in a particular and allegedly spectacular way. When it was over we both noticed at the same time that my bus was due to have arrived a couple minutes before. I wasn't anywhere near ready. My socks, slippers, socks combination takes time, my double shirt and arm warmers take more time. The jacket always is a bit of a struggle to get comfortable behind me in the wheelchair. This all takes 10 to 15 minutes. We had 4. And that included getting down to the lobby. So, it would be only jacket and socks.

We flew around the apartment.

Lunch hadn't been packed.

I hadn't been properly travel toileted.

Wheelchair was not fully assembled.

I got out into the hallway, no footrests, no lunch bag. I lifted my feet and pushed. This is hard but I got to the elevator and got down.

No bus.

I checked my watch. It showed that the bus, which is required to wait only 5 minutes, should be on it's last minute waiting. Joe then bursts through the elevator doors and we put the foot rests on. Attach the lunch bag. Joe'd brought my extra shirt and my arm warmers ... I got them on while he checked to see if there was one of those 'Sorry We Missed You' cards from WheelTrans.


Just as we were finishing, we saw the bus pull into the driveway.

We'd made it.

It's just after 6 in the morning and we are alert like we'd mainlined caffeine.

On the bus, we realize, I don't have my wallet. My wallet has the key to let me into the office. I'm usually there just before 7 and am the first one in. Can't wait outside in this weather! Joe takes off as the driver begins clamping me down. I stare at the lobby willing Joe to get back before the last clamp in done, before the seat belt is pulled around me. He's not.

The driver says that he can do his paperwork while he waits. We'd been gifted with a lovely guy behind the wheel this morning. Joe arrives as the driver is putting away his paperwork.

Today we just simply forgot that everything takes a bit longer when you're disabled. And we forgot how easy it is to lose track of time when watching a video about how to cook a spectacular potato.


clairesmum said...

Love it that you both were so absorbed in something interesting that the morning routine just slipped off the screen for a while..."normal". something that so many people don't 'get' if you are walking on two feet!
and just what do you do to the potato?

Unknown said...

Yes, link to the potato video, please!!!

Mary said...

I want to know more about this potato.

Dave Hingsburger said...

I should have linked to the potato video ... here it is

Liz said...

Mmmmmm....I totally get why you almost missed your bus.