Friday, March 13, 2015


It's odd the assumptions that some have about those of us with disabilities. We went to the movies yesterday, Joe and I and 7 people from work. Joe and I were there early and I got in the line to pick up tickets while Joe went off to "shed a tear for the widows and orphans." There were a few people who were in the line up behind me, talking fairly loudly, about me. I guess they figure that if you can't walk, you can't hear. Turns out they thought it was sad that I was at the movies all by myself. One even suggested that a staff or a nurse should have gone with me.

Now, firstly, I don't think going to the movie all by yourself is 'sad' ... sometimes it's just a wonderful way to spend time alone.

Now, secondly, I don't have a staff or nurse to go with me and resent the automatic assumption that I must have lurking somewhere a staff ready to leap out and provide oversight should I get unruly.

Now, thirdly, I had no wish to engage them.

By the time I was at the front, Joe had joined me and they all sighed a collective sigh of relief that I was no longer horribly alone in my poor little disabled world.

Joe and I took a table that was near the entrance, they were further back. Then the folks from work started arriving, in some numbers, and I forgot them as we all fell immediately into conversation.

I noticed them heading in while I was heading back to the group from the washroom and they looked over at me with a question in their face.

"Why aren't you alone?"

My answer?

Why should I be, it's your stereotype, not my reality.


Anonymous said...


Liz McL.

Anonymous said...

May the sight of you alone, handling yourself just fine, lodge in their tiny little brains, and some day give birth to an Aha! moment.


imfunnytoo said...

I don't know about the aha moment I think their brains will be too tiny. however as someone who went to the movies by myself many times and got the stare I salute you.

clairesmum said...

Good on you, Dave! and thanks for the chuckle...took me a minute to sort out the 'widows and orphans' reference...that's a new one for me. (I've learned something new from your blog again today!)