Thursday, March 26, 2015

Freaky Thursday (?)

Today is Dave and Joe's version of Freaky Friday.

For those who don't know what 'Freaky Friday' is, first, I'm sorry, second, it's a movie where mother and daughter magically slip into each other's body. Now, for Joe and I, that would be disastrous - he can't drive the power chair for shit. But what we are doing is switching roles for a day.

In a couple of hours Joe is going for a Gastroscopy and he has been told that he can't leave, after the testing, on his own, even to take a taxi home. So, I'm called in to do the supporting and caring (and worrying but Joe doesn't like me mentioning that one). I've booked WheelTrans to get us there and to get us back. So, the organizing is done, now it's just carrying out the plans and make sure he gets home safely, and gets to sleep off the drugs that he will have been given.

It's odd for me to be in this role. I don't often get to do things to support him in this way. I mean I support him in all sorts of other ways, the ways that come natural when you've been a couple for a long time. But, it's always Joe taking me to the doctor or to the clinic or to the hospital. He just motors on, giving me no reason to worry or to wait in waiting rooms.

So, this morning I got up all prepared to ensure it runs smoothly and WHAM a ton of worry came down and landed on my shoulders. I'm beginning to think that's the hardest part of any of this. I am so used to being the subject of worry that I forget how much of a load that is.

No wonder Joe has broad shoulders.

I'm glad I can lend mine today.


Colleen said...

Holding you and Joe in my thoughts and prayers that all goes welll with the procedure.

Unknown said...

I hope all goes well for Joe today and that you don't worry too much!

Enjoying your blog. Thanks

Gary ("Fibro-Man")

Would love you to pop over to mine at

Antonia Lederhos Chandler said...

That's love. I'm happy for Joe that he has *you* to support him. <3

clairesmum said...

Thinking of you and Joe today...hope all goes well.

Rebecca said...

I've been quietly following your blog for a while now and the love and caring between you and Joe just shines through. I wish both of y'all all the best of luck today.

Anonymous said...

Many thoughts for things to go as smoothly as possible. :)