Sunday, July 07, 2013


I was rushing to meet Joe. He'd taken the short route up the stairs and I went around to the accessible entrance at the front. I whooshed through the automatic doors, rounded the escalator heading for the ramp. I came to an abrupt halt. An elderly couple was making their way slowly up the ramp.

He was slowly moving his walker up the ramp, she was walking behind him, arms out ready to steady him if he fell, and together they made it to the top. I was waiting, as patiently as I could, for them to clear the top of the ramp so I could head up safely. But a step or two from the top they stopped. He was obviously winded from the effort so he slowly locked his walker and turned round to sit.

Oh no.

I was completely blocked.

But wait ...

As soon as he was seated, she moved closer, took the brakes off the walker, and took hold of the handles. He, then, lifted his feet slightly and she began to push him along. It was slow, but it was steady, and soon I had lots of room.

Up I went.

As I came round them I caught his eye and said, "Nice ride you've got there."

They both laughed, I think they were a bit grateful I wasn't cranky about the wait. They'd known I was there. He looked at my slyly and said: No matter which way they come at us, we're covered!"

She laughed like she'd never heard it before, and, so did I.

That's attitude of the best kind.


Belly (Liz McLennan) said...

Lovely snippet. I've imagined an entire history for this couple and am grateful for your patience, which allowed for that pithy exchange at the end.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my mom and dad!!! Loved reading this!!