Saturday, July 06, 2013

A Quote from a Conversation

"Every time I go out, I am reminded that living with a disability, with difference, is like being surrounded by and forced to look into thousands of unkind mirrors. My reflection in the eyes of others is carnival misshapen. In one, I am a lazy drain on society. In another, I am ugly and bulky and belong indoors. In another, I am their worst fear come to life. Thousands of unkind mirrors, reflecting, me against glass warped by prejudice, and fear, and hatred. Sometimes I look at myself, in my own mirror, but when I do I must ensure that I can see who's actually there, without that twisted, grasping, ugly, needy thing that I see, in thousands of unkind mirrors, looking back at me."


Anonymous said...



Belinda said...

Don't forget the many eyes that see you as:
Gifted and skilled author
Precious and faithful friend
Kind encourager
Courageous leader brave enough to challenge the status quo for decades and an "agent for change for the better."
Beloved uncle

Dave Hingsburger said...

Thanks Belinda, I am not the speaker here, but I appreciate your comment nonetheless! I don't have permission to use the name, only post the quote.

CapriUni said...

This reminds me of the Irish proverb:

"The eye of a friend is a good mirror."

(Is maith an scáthán súil charad)

You know you've got a good friend when they are honest with you without demeaning you or dismissing your humanity.

Jayne Wales said...

Powerful .....makes you think about how it must feel so soul destroying