Monday, April 09, 2012

Service, Support and Success - article now available

The April article from Vita is now published and available. If you didn't get it in an email from me then I've missed you on our mailing list. Let me know. This one is on 'Counterfiet Criminality' and is important especially for those working with young people with intellectual disabilities - or parents of young people. Let me know at and I'll get it out to you. Emailing me at my hotmail address will NOT result in a copy being sent out - sorry. The articles are now coming out as a newsletter named ... Service, Support and Success: The Direct Support Worker Newsletter. We hope that people find these articles helpful.


Alan Kirby said...

Just read your article on Counterfeit Criminality which my wife recommended to me....great article and spot on. I wrote a similar post on my blog a few years ago. Mine is about Richard Reid...the "shoe bomber"...I woke up one night worried that Al Qaida had used him in the way you describe and it reminded me of how my students at school with developmental disabilities are often punished more harshly than their peers. Of course, I also worry myself sick about my own son and how to protect I was very thankful for your article, advice and understanding. Here is a link to my article:

dave via blackberry said...

Alan thank you for the link I encourage others to read it. I will probably reference you when I write more about this.

Anonymous said...

We received the article. I am thrilled to be able to share such an insightful piece with our team at our next staff meeting.
Thanks Dave!