Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Back

It's back to work day.

The family left yesterday, a little after four, and we sank into the deep quiet of our apartment. I feel like doing what I have to do today - it feels more like mission and less like chore. I think that's because four little hands took my attention and dragged it completely away from work. Both Ruby and Sadie like interaction - they like games and silly songs and, oh my, they like to talk. We'd organized the entire weekend with activities that we thought they'd all like and that would make the Easter weekend special.

The jellybean pancakes looked pretty much like you would expect them to look and the kids had fun finding the jelly beans in the pancakes. The Easter Egg hunt, which took place in our front room, turned the kids into a blur as they flew around the room finding all the eggs that had been hidden. Ruby, being a little older, naturally could find more, but made sure her sister good a good amount. It was fun to watch kindness battle with greed on Ruby's face - it was only fun because kindness won most (but not all) of the time.

We'd bought DVD's for us to all watch, Godspell - the kids loved it, the box set of Dinosaurs, and the box set of Pee Wee's Playhouse, They loved the shows and wanted to talk about them, Ruby laughed out loud at the antics of the 'baby on Dinosaurs and was relieved that they didn't through grandma - who was a wheelchair user - into the tar - She came and gave me a hug after that episode.

The CN tower for lunch was a hit. We were there long enough to make a full turn around the city and they pointed out buildings and watched a plane take off from Island Airport. The thing they loved most though, was the fish decals on four of the windows. All that money for the view and they loved, LOVED, the fish decals. The lunch was great. Speaking of food, our Easter dinner was awesome.

Finally we went for out traditional street meat meal followed by a movie. We watch Ruby watch Mirror, Mirror, she was so into it that she spoke to the screen a couple of times. Sadie found the dark room perfect fro a nap. Afterwards, Ruby and Joe and I raced them in the subways, as they took their car, up to the apartment. Turning something into a race, apparently, makes just about anything fun.

Throughout all that, I answered the very few emails that came in from work and sent out one bulk mailing. But that's pretty much it. Our minds were firmly on the family and the kids and making sure that everyone was having fun. We achieved our goal.

Now, this morning, I feel pretty much like going to do what I am supposed to do. By pulling my focus away from 'doing' to 'being', from 'work' to 'play', from 'important stuff' to 'equally important stuff' - I feel like my 'gas tank' for working has been filled to the brim. I can motor on for a while yet.

A memory: answering the phone only to hear Ruby whispering to us, her mom and dad and Sadie were all napping but she wasn't tired. So she filled some of that time talking to us on the phone, about important stuff. When she hung up she said, 'Talking with you and Joe is more fun than playing with toys.'

A memory: Sadie, who has taken much longer to become comfortable with us, looking up and me and saying, 'I like you Joe' was wonderful. So wonderful that I didn't correct the 'name mistake' and just gave her a hug and told her that I like her too. She giggled.

Being in the moment then, is allowing me to be in the moment now.

So, bring on spring.

So, bring on what comes next.

Cause Dave is up, and ready!


Anonymous said...


"Dave is up and ready!"

My parents and I visited Paris over the easter weekend. Disabled persons do not have to wait in the long line to Musee d'Orsay and do not have to pay for a ticket.
The paintings od Monet, Manet, Gaughin, Renoir and van Gogh are wonderful....

Maybe tomorrow I will be up and ready for work too.


John R. said...

Glad you are up and ready....I think I am as re-energized from your post. It is amazing the incredible "dual" action that kids can have on us adults. Most of the time I am re-energized by being with my daughter. And of course there are moments whereby I am emptied of fuel after spending a few hours looking at the same books and playing the same "what's that" "who's that" games...

Either way, kids are the saving force of our humanity and it sounds like we are blessed!!

Shan said...

I like this post, Dave. You guys make great grandparents. (Better than most.)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fantastic and fun filled weekend. I love that talking to you is more fun that playing with toys. I love it when little kids use my name and my partners name interchangeably like Sadie did. It’s cute. And it also says to me that they totally see me and my partner as a couple, that us both being women just doesn’t get in the way at all. I love that.

Tamara said...

You sound really refreshed. I felt much the same yesterday. It was a quiet Easter with some time to just relax - and I really appreciated it.