Saturday, April 07, 2012

Right Now

Right now: We have CBC Radio Two live streaming classical music into the apartment.

Right now: The balcony door is wide open and Joe is out there sweeping, making sure it's all neat and tidy.

Right now: Easter stuff is set out on the Ottoman awaiting small hands and tiny fingers.

Right now: Joe is folding up the blanket my grandmother made and is tiding up the couch.

Right now: Light is hitting our rainbow disco ball and dispersing light all through the living room.

Right now: Joe is pulling out the vacuum and ensuring that the floors get a good cleaning.

Right now: I'm reading a text message that is outlining the trip Mike and family are making here.

Right now: Joe is taking a mop to the bathroom, it is starting to shine.

Right now: A pigeon tried to land on the balcony but decided against it at the last minute, I hear flapping.

Right now: Joe is doing up the last of the dishes.

Right now: I smell the scent of the flowers that were sent to us, carried on the breeze.

Right now: Joe is making the bed in the guest room.

Right now: I am looking very, very, busy and hoping that Joe doesn't notice me.


Shan said...

Ha ha! Perfect ending!

Dear Uncles, I wish I could come and visit you in your lovely clean apartment!

CapriUni said...

Ha! Reads like you will have a great Easter visit...

And I think that pigeon had the same idea you had.

(smart bird)

Have a blessed Easter!

Kristin said...

I love that y'all have a rainbow disco ball. Happy Easter to you two wonderful men!

Anonymous said...

Boy - everyone should have a Joe. He sounds like a treasure!!!

Easter Blessings!!

CT said...

I still think about your grandmother's blanket sometimes. May your Easter be just as bright, vibrant and extraordinary.

John R. said...

Joe, sit down, relax and have a beer... while Dave looks busy!!

Happy Easter!!!

Belinda said...

So funny and wonderful. I wonder if Joe realized that he had such a large audience! :)

Me, I'm going to be vacuuming and mopping today too. Easter/Passover does that I think--a time of freedom and new beginnings to celebrate!

Susan said...

I just LOVE housework... I could sit ALL DAY and just watch someone like Joe... :)

Tamara said...

That really did make me laugh out loud. My "right now" list is dishes, breakfast, bills, and required daily reading ... my husband isn't watching and hoping I don't notice ... He's still sleeping. I have noticed ... :-)

Go help Joe!

Oh - and have a wonderful Easter!

Anonymous said...

WTG Dave, sounds like you are feeling better! Joe for sure must be over his bug.

Just wanted to wish all a Happy Easter!