Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wave Your Flag

I like symbols!

I like emblems of identity. I have both the Canadian Flag and the Rainbow Flag to hang from my balcony on the appropriate days. Now, I've got another flag. History buffs will know of the maritime naval signal flags. Used by ships as a code for various messages, they were part of a system designed to keep everyone safe and give notice when necessary. The flag above was used to signal ...

I am disabled. Communicate with me.

That little fact simply ticked me pink! I heard about it on the British Game show QI and then did a quick search to check it out and found lots of information on the flag so I knew I was on to something. My next quest will be to find a place to purchase one of these babies. I want to have it for every occasion and celebration. I can see it in next years Saint Patrick's Parade and even the Gay Pride parade. No one will know what it means, but it will start a conversation. And that's worth something.

For me, from now on, this is my Disability Pride flag.



Kristin said...

I love that idea Dave. What better way to educate than to start a conversation.

CapriUni said...

Great idea! This would also be a way to educate people about "invisible disabilities."

And thanks for the link to the flag article. *looks over the flags and their meanings*

The "X" flag could also come in handy (blue vertical/horizontal cross on a white field):

"Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals,"

Especially when people rush in to "help" with opening doors, etc. (why do so many people think spreading themselves between double doors is helpful?).

Nan said...

Great flag! Its the 2-parter element that works. i wonder how they decided which messages were the most important, hence warranted flags!?

Anonymous said...

*delurks, just to grin* That flag is perfect. Particularly the "communicate" part. And yes -- the X flag would be very good for exasperating encounters. :-)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome :D

CapriUni said...


And I live near to the largest naval base on the Eastern Seaboard (the naval Headquarters for NATO, as a matter of fact). So if I had those pair of flags hanging from my chair, I bet there's a good chance people would know what I meant...

Hm. I wonder if there's a way to combine the two flags into one design, to make something unique to the Disability Community.

The Peace Symbol (upside down tri-fork in a circle), for example, is a combination of the semaphore signals for N and D -- to stand for "Nuclear Disarmament."

Nathan Dawthorne said...

Anonymous said...

Very, very cool, Dave. Fly that flag!


Anonymous said...

Now that I clicked on the flag link, it seem that many of those flags would be appropriate to fly on different days.

For instance, you could fly the Bravo flag for those days when you are feeling irksome and want to warn off humanity:

"I am carrying dangerous goods!"


Liz Miller said...

I love it. LOVE.

Susan said...

If you already ordered one, don't worry. It never hurts to have a spare. But if you haven't, look no further. One is on the way. :)

CapriUni said...

Hey, Dave! I know this post is years old, but I've been working on a specific Disability Pride Flag, inspired by this post, as well as the many LGBTQ flags.

And I thought you might like to see it -- I've posted it to my Flickr account, here (Where I've included an explanation of the symbolism)

I hope your Pride Month, 2019 is a time of Joy!