Saturday, July 23, 2011


It's hot in Toronto.

Really hot.

Everything just seems so much more difficult to do.

Decisions seem harder to make.

Wheelchairs seem harder to push.

Kindness seems harder to manufacture.

Everything just seems to much more harder to cope with.

People are short tempered about everything.

Waiting behind someone counting change is cause for justifiable homicide.

One more 'hot enough for you' and I'm not responsible for myself.

Everything just seems much more pointless.

Ya wanna go out. Nah.

Ya wanna get some food. Nah.

Ya wanna ... Fuck off and leave me alone.

The point of all this?

Who has energy to write a blog?


Anonymous said...

I can't feel sympathy...July in the UK and it is still raining most days! swap?!

Dave Hingsburger said...

In an instant!

Education: Exploring Online Learning said...

I went to the grocery store yesterday and left with almost no food aside from frozen mango. Dinner? Too hot.

Tamara said...

We're camping in Kentucky where it's a little cooler than back home in St. Louis, which is north of us, which is just weird. It should be hotter in the south, right? I'm loving it, though ... I spend a little time outside, then get in the air conditioning. All is good. Like having a free sauna ... and oh so much better than driving on icy roads in January ... Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

The wheeliecrone says -
Dave! Now is the time to visit Australia! It is winter here - although our winter temperatures would make you chuckle. Today the top temp was 61 degrees. That's a chilly winter day in Sydney.
We do have super hot weather in our summer. In January.

ivanova said...

I feel you! Not to be a big whinger, but it has been hot to the point where the cold water comes out of the tap hot, the soap in the dispenser comes out hot--it's old-people-dying-of-heat type weather. I left a bottle of cold water out for the mail carrier because I felt so sorry for him.

Jean said...

Yep...try an Irish summer! We had 3 hours of sunshine in May and that was it. XXX

Colleen said...

Dear Dave:

I am all for the offer of the Irish summer!


Maggie said...

These are the moments when I wish for a breeze, a hammock, some shade, and a beer.

Failing that, though, we've had good luck with a trip to a chilled movie theater.

It is DEFinitely too darn hot!

GirlWithTheCane said...

I hear ya, Dave. :(

Kristin said...

Amen Brother Dave! We're on our 5th day of 100 degrees or hotter. With the humidity factored in, it's felt like 110+. Miserable.

Andrea S. said...

In Durban, where I have been for the past week, the temperature is always approximately 13 to 23 celcius (mid 50s to low 70s farenheight). This is apparently what passes for winter in South Africa.

Sorry, I decline to swap ... I'm just mentioning it here so I can gloat :-P :-)

Oh dear, was that mean of me ... ? ;-)

Myrrien said...

you made me laugh tonight Dave, it has been lovely in Scotland today but there was a bit of a breeze, hopefully some of it will come your way

Rachel said...

You have my sympathy, Dave, I live in the mountains for a reason. My mother is going to visit me and can't wait to get away from the heat herself.

Been there, done that. Bleah. I'd send you some of my weather if I could!

Shan said...

ha ha ha! It's overcast and cool here - like it has been all summer - and I WAY prefer this to the kind of weather YOU'VE been having!

Anonymous said...

I agree I love summer and the warmth and all that goes along with it, but this week has been brutal. I do declare enough is enough :) :)