Monday, July 25, 2011

Announcement for UK Readers

Many of you will know that I typically travel to visit you all in the UK (and sometimes Ireland) fairly regularly. For the past many years I've spent at least a few weeks in November or December traveling the length and breath of the Isles. This year the organization that typically hosts this tour has decided, due to the economic climate, not to do the tour this year. As a result a couple of service providers who had booked days have asked if I'd still come over to do some work for them and if it would be alright to see if others were interested. As such they might be able to cobble together a mini-tour. We agreed. So if any of you work for providers who might be interested in hosting a training or in having an in-service done in November, please contact Eileen Flavelle, who is putting it all together along with Nigel Divine up in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Bournemouth People's First from, here's a surprise, down Bournemouth way. Email this little group at: They've made up a flyer and everything!

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Cindy B. said...

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