Friday, July 30, 2010

Tired, Need A Snooze

Oh, man.

I'm tired.

I just finished teaching the 8th and last class of the Summer School Series, Behaviour was first, Sexuality was second. Both classes were wonderful in terms of students. They were all there keen and willing to learn. Questions were well thought out and showed real interest. I looked forward to the classes and was amazed how quickly the days flew by.

Occasionally I wonder if these classes really make a difference. On my way up today to teach the last class I took a call from an Executive Director who had a student in my Behaviour Classes. She was talking to that student and asking about the class he had taken. He excited explained that he was able to be a resource to others in his agency when discussing a situation because he understood some important concepts and was able to explain them. He said it was wonderful to be able to put the learning into use right away.

I chatted a little more with the ED who was very positive about the training and the effect on her staff. I didn't tell her, and I should have, that her call meant the world to me. I really want to make a difference, both through my work directly and through my training generally. It was my hope that summer school would be a time of renewal and reflection for the students. And, I guess, it was.

So we're done for another year. Poor Joe had to drive home in silence because I sat beside him, quietly snoring, as he drove. I woke up even more tired than before the nap. Bed calls.

But I thought about that call and the student involved. It matters that it matters. I am so privileged to be able to teach these classes and to have the opportunity to effect change without being in the room.


I apologize for what may seem like totally self serving and self involved post. But hey, I'm human, I'm tired and, above all I'm pleased.

Here's to next year, the 9th annual Summer School.

May it be so.


Kristin said...

You do a lot of good Dave. You deserve the pats on the back.

theknapper said...

I'm fine with you talking about how well your class went...your training has a ripple effect....your words bounce over the lake.

Andrea S. said...

Congrats, Dave, on making a difference!

Anonymous said...

Dave, A while ago you wrote a blog on intentionality and the study you were doing at Vita. Could you tell us how the study is going and list the five statements on the cards you refer to? Thanks.

wendy said...

What you do makes a difference.
This past Tuesday, a year after I attended Summer School, we started our first Relationship and Sexuality Education course. I feel so honoured and proud to be part of this and it's all because you gave me and a whole room full of other people the tools. You are the rock that creates the ripple.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Anon, we are just, at Vita, talking about partnering with another agency to do the research. I am a bit hesitant to give out too much information until we've met and determined what and how we are going to approach this. I don't want to jump the gun. As soon as I have more that I can say, I will.