Saturday, July 24, 2010

Driving Home

On our ride home from the Sexuality Summer School up in Peterborough we realized that something special was going on. As we got closer to the city the overpasses on the 401 were filled with more and more people. Canadian flags flew by the hundreds. One some overpasses each of the provincial and territorial flags hung with somber reverence. We realized that just a few minute behind us the military procession carrying home the body of another Canadian soldier was making it's way along what's now been dubbed the 'Highway of Heroes'.

As a sign of silent respect, Joe turned off the music we were listening to in the car and travelled quietly along the route. We were both moved that thousands of people had come to salute the soldier who had given his life in service to our country and in service to our freedom.

We, remembered, as we always should, that the country that we love, quietly, and the freedom that we love, without notice, was purchased at a very high price. I can't imagine the sorrow of the family who's son was taken from them. I can't imagine the loss that his company feels as they go on with their business without a faithful comrade. I can't imagine what this country and my life would be without those who serve valiantly, those who serve and are only noticed when they take their final ride on the 'Highway of Heroes'.

We shared the road with a hero.

It's an honour we were not prepared for, but one we truly, truly, respect.


miss kitten said...

i have one son, who is 17 now.

and he wants to go into the military service. (american air force) and for all that i was brought up in a military home, it scares the life out of me. he has 2 more years in high school to finish before he could enlist at all, and i think we've impressed upon him the importance of education, which will take him through collge.

so 6 more years.

please deity, let this war be over. even ONE more fatality is too much. and i have friends who are over there.

Susan said...

I think of the women of Afghanistan and know how grateful they are for the sacrifices made for their freedom. The Taliban regime enforced the philosophy that women are the source of corruption to men and existed to be controlled and dominated by them. The abuse they suffered in that society is unthinkable to us who choose what we want to wear, who we want to marry - or not marry, whether we are educated past Grade 3, if we can go out of the house without showing our faces, if we choose to even to access necessary medical servies.

God bless the efforts of those attempting to ensure that Afghanistan is free. May the conflict soon be over, and, please God, let not the sacrifices made be made made be in vain...

Anonymous said...

Wow, Thank you.