Tuesday, July 27, 2010

God's Gifts: Sometimes Mistakes Are Made

She walked with confidence, as if she'd passed this way before. She looked dressed for a date in what would have to be called, 'a little black dress.' She set it off with pearls and a white cane. I don't know if the coincidence was planned or incidental but I hope it was the former. I like people who approach the world with confidence and grace. I've managed confidence, never mastered grace. She had both.

Most who saw her coming took a second look. First they noticed the cane, either hearing it's faint tap, or seeing it brush the air in front of her. Then they noticed her. She looked a bit like Madonna, blond hair, lean shoulders, strong stride, with wrap around sunglasses. I'm sure I heard the 'three blind mice' cheering as she passed by.

We saw it coming but were too startled to call out. A fellow, so important in the world that he couldn't but be connected constantly. A fellow, so important to himself that he needed to be encased in music. A fellow tapping messages into a cell phone, while listening to the screech of music through white plugs in his ear. He was walking rapidly. A man of importance. A man of action. A man with places to go. A man, on whom the fact that it's called TWIT-ter, would be lost. He was on a direct course with the woman walking, casually but at full alert, with the cane.

The crash was inevitable.

So, it happened.

He looked up after smashing into her. He saw her cane and said, stupidly, 'Sorry, I didn't see you.' Her voice was dry, 'Oh, you're blind too?' He quickly said, not catching her sarcasm, 'No, sorry, I was texting.' She, 'And God gave you eyes, what the hell was he thinking?'

I applauded. Actually clapped my hands together. She couldn't see me, I wanted her to hear me. Good on you sister! I'm glad you're on my team.


Kristin said...

That lady has serious style. I really like her.

Nan said...

Too beautious Dave! Hooray for witnesses! I just found your blog and am really enjoying it!!!! I'm more than familiar with your books (and workshops) and love the way you write! Keep blogging, I'll keep reading!
Nancy in Ottawa

FridaWrites said...

Yes--hate it when someone collides with the wheelchair and then blames me, even though I'm assiduously trying to avoid them.

I've heard of people having serious accidents while texting and walking--it's dangerous.

Anonymous said...

He's lucky she wasn't a clown on a unicycle.

(OpenID and LiveJournal are apparently not playing nicely together today. This is Lexica, aka lexica510@livejournal.com -- I'm not really trying to be anonymous!)

Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg said...

"And God gave you eyes, what the hell was he thinking": Oh, how I wish I had comebacks like that! What presence. What grace. What a perfect response.

wendy said...

This is a new favorite among all your posts. If only this woman knew how many people were loving her style today!

Andrea S. said...

Thanks for the link, Lexica! My favorite line was this:

"You don’t have a student who unicycles in a clown suit every day, so you have to take advantage of these things."

rickismom said...

A tremendous style. Thank you for this.

Sunshine and Shadows said...

I laughed so hard at her response. What a great comeback. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Matt said...

What a story, and your writing makes it all the more vivid. Thanks for sharing.