Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Yeah Right

I can see you. Sitting there at your computer reading my posts. Red pen by your side. Shaking your head and clucking at my incorrect use of the comma, my spelling that can be erratic, at my run-on sentences and dangling participles. I'm over 50, I'm lucky I even have a participle to dangle.

Somehow blogs, to me, are excempt from the rules of ordinary publishing. I don't get them proofread first, I don't look up words in dictionaries - I holler for Joe to spell a word for me and if he's out of ear shot I just give it a go. It's just a blog for heaven's sake. If you want literature go to the bookstore.

I just sit here at the computer and think of things I want to write about. I don't think about connecting one post to another or developing themes or having an overall intent. And I don't want to have to go through the pain of having my stuff editted and rewritten -- it's a BLOG for heaven's sake.

So, no, I'm not going to work on my grammar or my spelling or anything else. I'm just going to write what I want to write about subjects that interest me. Primarily that subject is ME, but what the hack!!

Put the red pencil down, and realize that if you could understand it even if you didn't agree with it ... we've done ok as writer and reader. I've always hated when someone corrects my speech when I'm in the middle of a sentence, working with people with disabilities has given me such a different perspective, I figure if they said it and I got it ... first goal accomplished.

Main goal accomplished.

Now let's get on with it.

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ABEhrhardt said...

I love your posts - and the insight and love and righteous anger in them.

Who cares about the occasional inventive spelling? People who don't see the content, and I love the content.

I came looking today for a specific post about your wheelchair being stolen from the airplane (there are two stories, and I found what I was looking for), because you write posts that stick.

I stayed for some of the posts I've never read. So many thoughtful ones to still make me think.

Thanks for sharing so much of your life.