Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just Stop It

She was trembling angry as she spoke, during my lecture, about a woman with a disability who liked to carry a furry bunny. The bunny had been named long ago and was a constant companion. Someone, someone superior, wanted to take the bunny away from her. The bunny was 'age inappropriate', her love for it wasn't 'normal'. God save us from those who know better. God save us from the self righteous. God save us from the tyranny of the norm.

Why would any sane person set out to hurt a woman with a disability. To steal from her a prized possession. To think that they had a RIGHT to an opinion on a FRIGGING bunny!! This kind of thing drives me crazy. Can you imagine going out to a pub after work and being asked, 'So what happened at work today?' Now imagine answering, 'I took a bunny away from a disabled woman.' That's something to be proud of ... outright cruelty.

Why are some of us so vigourous to ensure that disabled people don't 'act disabled' is there an inherent disphobia in this kind of thinking? So she carries a bunny. So people stare at her. Isn't the real issue the fact that others who judge her and her bunny have forgotten to take the spike out of their own eye first?

Here's to freedom to hug stuffed rabbits. Here's to freedom to nuzzle fake fur. Here's simply to freedom.


Lily said...

And here's to talking about your birthday every day of your life. And here's to painting your room hot freaking pink, even if you're a man. And here's to eating your dessert first. And here's to loading the dishwasher "this" way, instead of "that". And here's to everything else that matters to someone, that shouldn't matter to anyone else in the world.

I hope you're not actually raising a glass to every one of these, Dave, or I could be held responsible for a major hangover! Then again, I can't think of a better reason to get wasted!

Still reading you single day that I'm finding an entry, and still hanging on every word...

Richard Bowers said...

Hi Dave,
Nice blog dude. I found you out through Belinda's blog. I go to the same church as she does and she is a nice a person in the flesh as she is over the net. Me, I'm a piece of work. Man, that is just plain cruel to take away a stuffed bunny away from a disabled person. Ugh, I hate self-righteous people. Humble yourself first and let the Lord do the exalting for you. Hope you can drop by my own blog and hope you like what you see. Cheers mate!

Belinda said...

Okay, here I go, a bit behind the others. Here's to hugging--not just fur bunnies--but people too. I'm old enough that I know all of the reasons to teach discrimination--but--last night at our massive Christmas party, I hugged about 40 of the 80 people there. One of my huggees, thinking quickly,fearing we were "caught in the act," looked at his support worker and said, "It's okay, she's not staff." That was a compliment I'll cherish forever! And the dear support worker opened her arms and moved in for a hug too.

lina said...

Yay, lets cheer about not being 'normal', I love it. This one made my day - furry bunnies, purple coats, and funky boots - all forever - I think that will be the theme of my next party - can't wait!!