Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In Equality

I heard them before I saw them. The laughter was infectious. There were two laughs, one a high giggle that sounded like it came from really small Christmas bells, the other a series of loud low guffaws punctuated by huge intakes of breath. When I pushed around the corner I saw them. She was sitting on the floor completely covered in cola, ice and popcorn. The spasms caused by laughter would have thrown him out of his chair if he hadn't been blocked in by a huge tray.

She had covered her eyes and was trying not to look at him because each time she did the laughter hit her again. He, himself was slowly soaking in the pop that had pooled around him on the tray but he kept trying to send more popcorn her way by batting at the overturned bag at the edge of the tray. Each time he tried, you could here the "squish" sound made when me moved on the seat of the chair. She said, loud enough for all to hear, "I feel like a pop star." He gave up and put his head back and let out a giant uncontrollable whoop of laughter.

Most around were grinning too. I don't know if anyone saw what happened. I came upon the scene too late but the mishap must have been spectacular because there really was popcorn everywhere. She, getting control of herself, wiped pop that was dripping off her nose and attempted to get up. Her foot couldn't find purpose and she slid back down. The sound of her sneaker sliding was unmistakably like a fart.

This struck them both as funny and they were off again.

A couple of older women walked by shaking their head. I think they were looking at the scene like mothers - incapable of seeing anything but a mess that needed cleaning up. Another chore in a lifetime of chores.

But I couldn't see the mess because for a second, I was awed. You see it awes me that in joy there is no heirarchy.

There is no master, no slave, no rich, no poor, there is only joy.

Laughter creates equals, if only in and for the moment.

Joy To The World -- is a wish for a world lived in equality and in equity.

When I came out of the movie, they were long gone. The only sign of them that remained was a solitary piece of popcorn that had wedged under a display. A little reminder that popcorn dumped, that laughter spilled and that two people spent a few moments as equals on holy ground.

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Anonymous said...

"popcorn dumped--laughter spilled and--two people spent a few moments as equals on holy ground."

Those are my favourite words in today's post(they could almost be a Christmas carol). They reminded me of the last time I laughed while drinking coffee and it came back down my nose. Three of us at the table laughed so hard it was all I could do to breath.