Saturday, March 03, 2012

Blog Business: Book Club

Just a gentle reminder than on March 16th we'll be having the 'Rolling Around In My Head Disability Book Club' and the book we've settled on is The Secret Scripture. I thought this book was an amazing read. You can participate in a couple of ways, both predicated on reading the book. One is to write a review yourself and link here in the comment section ( this year I'm going to put the links up into the blog as they come in ) or do a mini review in the comment section itself.

I'm going to host the book club three times a year and have already picked the next novel, but I'll tell you about it after we've got this one up and done.

Today's post follows.

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Susan said...

Ooooo - I CAN'T WAIT for the Book Club to find out how much I missed. Thanks for the reminder!