Sunday, April 27, 2008


My eyes are full of gravel.

I spoke yesterday at a breakfast session and then we packed up and drove, and drove, and drove. We chatted, sat silent. We drove north and left the warm spring weather behind us. Getting home almost 12 hours after we left we were both exhausted from the travel.

Toast and peanut butter served as dinner.

So now I'm here at the computer, a story to tell, but - I'm tired. Words don't flow easily and I have to stop every couple of words to correct mis-strikes as my fingers aren't firing properly and wrong letters are appearing in the words that I'm writing.

"On the edge of whining, live not," says Yoda.

For daily readers and visitors of 'Chewing the Fat' please forgive me - I'm gonna just go lie down and read a bit. I've got some stuff to do for work tomorrow, but that can wait until I can type without having to read back over every single word.

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

have a good read and a great rest. i'm just glad you told us - otherwise you know me I panic when nothing is posted. I really need to stop doing that! MDN

Belinda said...

Toast and peanut butter; that serves as our supper more times than I would care to confess! It's fun being older and able to eat whatever we feel like. We've made it this far, after all.

You are precious to many and you are more important than the words and thoughts you share.

Rest, restore and renew.

lisa6wks said...

Take care Dave, thank you for doing what you do.


Anonymous said...

Have a good rest Dave.


Anonymous said...

Have a good rest Dave.


rickismom said...

One can not be a slave to their blog. If you don't enjoy it, you will give up eventually....

amy (mom from MD) said...

Dave, your presentations in Baltimore this past weekend were inspiring, informative and far exceeded all my expectations and I am so honored to have actually met and spoken with you (even thru my obvious nerves and feeling "star struck")!
Glad you and Joe arrived home safely for some well deserved rest.
I can't wait to read your books and look forward to the next opportunity to hear you speak which I would highly recommend for all. There is so much to learn from you and your candid experiences on this "journey".
Thanks again for all you do (and say), you are such a gift.

Anonymous said...

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