Wednesday, April 21, 2021

What happened

 Outside, the sky is gray and a little snow has fallen.

Inside, the heavens have opened revealing a bright blue sky.

Yes, that means the equipment worked and I am back to independence again. When it arrived it didn't look like I was expecting and I immediately knew it wouldn't work. But with some adjusting, things seemed to be about right. I put off using it for a few hours, I was so afraid of it not working that I decided I'd like a bit more time to worry.

Then it came time I had to use it. The first try was really, really, unsuccessful. Oddly I calm down and Joe gets impatient, I have to take his arm and remind him, to just take a breath. We meticulously map out a new approach. I am prepared now for failure. That's exactly the stance I need to take. I consider other options. There are none. Then on the second try, our planning worked. I was good to go. Golden.

This changes things for me massively. 

But I've learned so much over the past few weeks.

Stuff I'd like to share with you. Starting tomorrow.

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