Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Air

 We had arranged to go shopping a few days ago, booking an appointment with the accessible bus system up here, and were having a relaxing cup of tea when there was a knock on the door. It was the driver who had arrived an hour and 20 minutes early. He said he would wait but we rushed around and were out to the van about ten minutes later. We arrived at the grocery store and pulled out our list of things we needed and began about the business of getting it done.

After we went through check out there was still an hour before the bus home was to arrive. Luckily it was a warm sunny day so we went outside and found a spot where Joe could sit and I could park my wheelchair. The way we ended up was that Joe sat beside the cart and I was in my chair across from him. Being that it was a wide sidewalk this left lots of room for people to walk by.

I felt the sun on me and enjoyed its warmth. I had to fight off the nap that was creeping through my shoulders but I did slide down a bit in my chair. People walked by and said hello or smiled, it was nice to be in and of the community. It was nice.

Then a woman about our age walked by and growled at us, actually growled at us, admonishing us for 'taking up the entire sidewalk' and 'making nuisances of ourselves.' It happened so swiftly and came from nowhere. The air which had been sweetly scented with welcome and friendliness suddenly  took on the bitter smell of anger and rejection

After it was over Joe and I found ourselves wishing the bus would arrive and we could get out of their.

Her attitude and demeanor managed to take a lovely moment and make it an ugly one.

There are too many of these people in our lives, avoid them.


ABEhrhardt said...

The best response is to laugh hysterically at her.

Don't let a grump ruin your day and your outing.

She doesn't own the sidewalk.

Or to respond, "Wow! It looks like you're having a VERY bad day."

She can do whatever she did, but there are consequences - and your response is yours to choose.

DMc said...

That’s when you just say, “hope your day improves!”