Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Dirty (yawn) Dancing

 Last weekend we went to a drive-in movie, we haven't done that for years. We went because it was a fundraiser for Vita, and because Ruby and Sadie love the movie. What was the movie? It was Dirty Dancing. Neither Joe or I had never seen it eschewing as we do heterosexual romantic movies. Of course we've seen some, but this one was not one that we were interested in.

The movie started and I want to tell you some thoughts that ran through my mind.

1) Oh, my gosh, this is white.

2) None of the facilities were accessible.

3) A hotel full of waiters and not one of them gay.

4) A girl goes from wanting to save the world to wanting to save her man.

5) Does Patrick Swayze own a shirt?

I could think all this because I was essentially bored.

But when the lights went up, Ruby and Sadie were asking if we enjoyed going to the movie, the phraseology of the question gave us both an out, I would discover later that Joe had similar wandering thought, so we said we'd had a great time. And we did. Seeing the girls really enjoy a movie and sing along with the songs. Being out all together, feeling like family, acting like friends, wouldn't have missed it.

But we didn't say a think about what we really thought about the movie.

You know why? And this is a lesson learned over a lifetime and serves us well now.

You don't shit on someone's joy.

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Liz Miller said...

One thing that has really stuck with me through the years about that movie, is that it showed the reality of 1960s abortions in the US. Otherwise, yes, what you said.