Monday, September 21, 2020


 When we finished shopping in the grocery store we headed for the accessible lane, which had been empty until, at the last second an elderly woman stepped into the checkout lane. We'd seen her on entry and she had a medical note from her doctor that her breathing disallowed the use of a mask. She was allowed in. For the next half hour or so we saw her in the store.

She had a scary, angry face. The kind of face that made people get out of her way without her asking. I know that her face tells no story. Gives no information. I have a resting angry face, so I know that people read into my face feelings that I do not have and begin apologizing for things that did not annoy me. It's fun sometimes and annoying at others.

She only had three or four items on the belt. One of which was a frozen chocolate cake. The kind that comes in clear plastic sealed by pressing the top things (there must be a word for them, but for now, things will do) into the bottom things (see parenthesis before). One the cake was checked she picked it up to put it in a bag she'd brought to the store. Because of the shape of it, it kept getting caught on the edges of the bag and she had to work it in.

We had to wait for her to manage this, but hell it's the accessible aisle, just freaking wait. And I didn't mind at all because something happened that warmed my heart. She didn't move easily, she had difficulty with the use of her hands, it looked like life was a bit of a struggle for her, like it is for me. 


When she picked up the cake to put it in her bag she smiled.

A lovely beautiful smile. The scary face disappeared and she looked genuinely happy. I could see her anticipate getting home and having cake. I don't think many scary people love cake that much.

I think many scary people need more cake.

I really do.

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