Friday, July 20, 2018

Phone Calls

So we're planning a trip, an actual vacation, and I'm getting myself familiar with the area from a visitor's perspective. I've been everywhere that I'm going before, but always for work, this time is for fun. Any of you who use mobility devices know that travel for fun is, quite simply, work. Websites still refuse to mention accessibility for the most part, or if they do it can be really hard to find, so I have to make a lot of phone calls. Let me present one of the calls to you.

Hi I'm calling to find out if your attraction is wheelchair accessible.

Yes, it is.

OK, to be clear, I'm actually in a wheelchair. Will I be able to get in all three of the attractions.


Which one is wheelchair accessible.

Well, none.

Why did you say it was accessible?

Because I didn't want to make you sad.

And another:

Hi I'm calling to find out if your site is wheelchair accessible.


So someone in a wheelchair can get in.


You are sure.


Can you list the attractions that I can actually get into and enjoy.

Well, there aren't any.

But you just said ...

... (cuts in) it's wheelchair accessible, you can roll around the attractions but you can't use them. But we sell our wheelchair customers a lower fare ticket because you can't use the attractions.

But I can watch.


So you have a 'Voyeur" ticket price.

Well, I wouldn't say that.

You also didn't say that it wasn't accessible.

It is sir, you can get onto the grounds you just can't access the ...

(sound of me hanging up)

That, right there, those two calls, that took my energy for that day, today, I'll try some more places. I wish disabled not welcome places just say that on their websites, a little wheelchair person with a slash through it, this is my time that you are wasting.


Unknown said...

It's shocking people are still not getting it. My god son was so cross as a teenager he set up a website where he reviewed the access of buildings and the service he recieved.

I've just come across 'It's Accessible' App but I don't know anyone who has tried it. It appears to cover a large part of the world. Have you tried it.

I hope your holiday will be wonderful

clairesmum said...

Oy...I know you are not making it up....when did it become OK to lie to people 'so I don't hurt your feelings' without anticipating what will happen when the person arrives and is VERY disappointed/angry? I know, always push any potential 'upset' down the road and off to somebody else to deal with...and disabled people don't matter that much anyway.

Rachel said...

But they let you on the grounds for less to make up for it! Aren't you grateful for their kindness? /sarcasm

Andrea Shettle, MSW said...

Basically, ditto to everything clairesmum said! If a place is going to discriminate against me and exclude me as a deaf person by failing to provide the accommodations I need to understand what's going on, then I want to at least know up front so I don't waste my time!