Thursday, July 12, 2018

Another Jump

Yesterday, a little later in the afternoon, we decided to pop into a grocery store to pick up some fruit. As to the heat, well, I've decided that I have to be a really good person and follow my faith because I surely would not cope with hell. I noticed a car pull by us driven by a man about 20 years our senior. His wife, around the same age as her husband, sat beside him. Their windows were up tight and you knew that the air conditioner was running full blast.

We found parking at a disabled bay and turned in. I saw the old guy pull his car up right in front of the store. Then he opened his door and got out. I thought, smiling to myself, that he was getting out to open the door for his wife and then he'd go park the car. He rounded the back of the car and headed into the store. I had to admit to disappointment. 

His wife opened her door and got her feet out but sat, in the blasting heat, with her feet on the pavement. She didn't seem rushed or hurried. Then her husband came out with a grocery cart. He walked up to her, turned the cart around, then helped her stand. She was using the grocery cart as a walker to steady herself. She kissed him on the cheek and then he came back round the car and got in and drove to park.

She walked slowly and steadily, holding on to the cart for support, into the grocery store.

I felt a bit ashamed for how quickly I judged him. I had in mind what I thought he should do, or would do, but I had no idea what he needed to to. They had worked out together a solution that works for them. He hadn't callously left her behind, he made it possible for them to be together and do things together.

See that conclusion floating in sea waters down amongst sharp rocks? Hear how it calls to me? Why the hell do I keep jumping?


clairesmum said...

Sometimes a therapist is good at helping a person sort out the answer to that question 'why do I keep doing the same thing over and over, why can't I stop?"
sometimes the brain gets stuck and needs professional assistance at getting sorted out You deserve happiness, Dave.

Anonymous said...

That's your (our) training/experience....and you saw that what you expected wasn't true and shared your experience with us to remind us not to assume. No harm was done.

Anonymous said...

You are human, which is okay. you are an evolved human for sharing with us.
I love to read your stories. Say hi to Joe

Ron Arnold said...

Change is a process though - ain't it? Recognition of 'jumping' is part of that process. The mere fact you're humble enough to recognize your own biases is proof of process occurring. If more folks practiced that kind of humility - the world would be a more harmonious place.